Item Description

Hello One Life To Live Viewers,

This DVD is from the 1988 storyline while Clint is blind he is thrown by his horse, hits his head and travels back in time to the year 1888 in Buchanan City. This DVD is fully edited to every scene OLTL recorded in Arizona, and the entire Old West storyline as well as scenes of Viki, Asa, Tina, Steve, Gabrielle & Sarah who goes back and forth from Llanview to the Happy Horse Ranch. The episodes in this DVD are in great quality, fully edited and created with a wonderful menu making it easy to navigate your way through the DVD and into your favorite must see scenes from this storyline. The quality & sound of the episodes are in great quality. Below is a detailed description of the scenes from disc 1. I also have disc 2 & 3 of this storyline and I am still working on it as we speak.

  DVD 1 Length: 2 hrs 48 mins

Clint & Viki talk and decide to pack the family up and stay in Arizona for a little while. Before they leave, Clint gives Gabrielle away at her wedding to Steve Holden at Llanfair (a hurt Max leaves the hospital and stumbles in on the wedding). Viki, Clint, Sarah Gordon (who just arrived on the show about 2 months ago) Kim and the kids all hug Tina, Asa & Cord goodbye. As Clint, Viki & Sarah are at the Happy Horse Ranch, Cord surprises them and stays at the ranch also. George Vasquez is also introduced at a bar gripping a picture of his dead sister Maria Roberts in his hand vowing revenge on the Buchanan’s. Viki first meets George when he shows up at the Happy Horse ranch and she hires him to work in the stables. When Cord sees him he blows his covered and Viki & Clint are angered by Maria Roberts brother working at the ranch. George already begins plotting Clint’s demise and starts off with loosening a tile off the stairs where Clint almost falls face first and breaks his neck until Cord rushes in and catches him. This is also the beginning of Cord & Sarah’s romance and they get close while being at the ranch together all the time. Clint old time friends stop by the ranch and tells him about the 100 mile horse race that will soon to take place. Feeling like he will be able to prove himself, that he’s not a dependent blind man, he preps himself for the race. Clint tells Viki, Cord & Sarah about the race and they are totally against him participating in it because of his blindness. Due to the search for Cord & Tina’s baby Milagro, Tina asks Cord to return to Llanview in order to help her and Max in the search for Milagro A.K.A C.J Roberts. The DVD ends with George Vasquez plotting to drug Oakie (Clint’s horse).

  If you have any questions comments or concerns please do feel free to send me a message. ThankYou! And also check out the few mini clips I uploaded to view!