Item Description

This DVD has unedited (WITH COMMERCIALS) FULL EPISODES of One Life To Live from August 19 th through August 31. This is only Disc 1 out of a set of 3. The PICTURE AND SOUND QUALITY IS EXCELLENT.

Disc 1: (Length 3 hrs & 5 mins)

Blair Visits Max and she tells him that Luna will never take him back and he tells her to leave. As she’s walking out, Dylan (DYLAN’S FIRST SCENES) walks in asking for Luna and Max tells him about the accident and where she’s at. Dorian goes to the carriage house interrupting Tina & David, and Tina tells Dorian about Blair trying to commit suicide. Dorian rushes to the Water Side Inn, where Cord checked her into a room. Clint goes to Llanfair and talks to Viki. Larry is at Sloan’s place checking up on his health conditions and sets up an appointment for him to go to the hospital for bone marrow testing and Viki comes over. Dorian and Blair have a heart to heart and they cry. Dorian sends Blair off to a Spa to get over Max Holden. Max starts gambling again and has flashback of what happened to Luna in Texas. He ends up leaving and going to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. Allison & Todd meet at the hospital and they began talking. Allison likes Todd. When Marty finds out that Allison likes Todd, she warns her to stay away from him.   Cord & Blair have dinner at Water Side In. Cord & Max talk. Jessica & Viki talk at Llanfair. Sloan goes to the hospital for test.   Bo surprises Nora at the office and they have a joyous reunion and Powell comes and they talk to him. Allison confronts Todd about raping Marty. Ben & Rachel talk at Ben’s place and R.J. stops by for a visit. Todd tells Marty to stay out of his life and business and the people that he meets. Rachel & Ben makes love. RJ and Todd shoots the breeze at Rodi’s over beer and popcorn. Marty goes to her house to say goodbye to it. She has moved out and Andrew comes and they have a heart to heart. As they are in a close embrace Dorian comes into her new home and interrupts a close encounter between Andrew & Marty. Powell & Todd have a run it at Rodi’s. Dylan & Luna visit and talk in North Carolina. Alex, Asa & Clint talks at Asa’s mansion. Joey & Kevin talk at Rodi’s and he tells Kevin about his new job Dorian has given him to remodel Dorian’s new house.  Dorian sets Andrew straight about Marty being trouble for him and Cassie.