Item Description
Hello OLTL Fans,
This item contains 3
wonderfully edited DVD's from the 1986 storyline when Cord (
John Loprieno) follows Tina (Andrea Evans) back to Llanview
after he falls in love with her and this is what brought is crazy
mother Maria Roberts (Barbara Luna) to Llanview as well. These
DVD’s also includes the revelation of Clint (
Clint Ritchie) being Cord’s father and then follows
into baby Jessica’s kidnapping by cult follower, Allison
Perkins (Barbara Garrick). I have just about the entire year of
1986 & 1987 so upon request I can continue to put this
storyline onto DVD for you. I already have 6 DVD’s of this
storyline complete. So please do ask me any questions you may have
about this item so I can get you all of the episodes, scenes and
storylines you want. There are snap shot pictures of the scenes
& characters on the DVD's. The sound and picture quality is
Scenes in DVD 1 (Length 3hr 1min):
Cord, Maria & Al arrives
in Llanview. Al has a heart attack & checks into Llanview
hospital. Asa is furious when he spots Maria in Llanview & gets
his wife, Pamela (
Christine Jones) to scheme with him inorder to cover up his
dirty deed of paying Maria to disappear with the baby 20 yrs ago.
This DVD also has scenes of the Richard Abbot (
Jeffrey Byron)/Tina/Cord.
Scenes in DVD 2 (Length 3hr 2min):
Mitch visits Al Roberts (
Jesse Vent) on his death bed and he tells him about Clint
being Cord’s real father. Asa & Maria argue about who
told Mitch about Cord’s paternity. Al dies; Maria & Cord
returns to El Paso for his funeral and Tina surprises Cord &
makes Maria furious when she attends his funeral.
Scenes in DVD 3 (Length 3hr 2min):
Tina runs around Llanview trying to make wedding plans for her and
Richard’s “wedding”. While alone in El Paso,
Maria is stalked and almost rapped by an escape convict, but Cord
comes to her rescue & makes her move to Llanview. Cord &
Richard go at it over Tina. After Mitch pays Tina a visit and slaps
her, Cord finds Mitch and fights him at Waterside Inn. Cord &
Tina reminse when they fell in love at first sight. While visiting
Llanfair, Maria stumbles upon a picture of Joe Reily who looks
exactly like her great friend from Texas…… Tom
I have many more episodes so
JUST SEND ME AN OFFER!. If there is anything you are curious
about.... just ask me and tell me what it is you would like.
All DVD's are created to order. $15.00 covers the DVD &
editing with 3 hrs of footage on each DVD.