Item Description
Hello OLTL Fans,

                         This item contains a set of 3 wonderfully edited and created DVD's from the 1985 Niki Smith Returns storyline. The collage above has a picture of the DVD's and snap shot pictures of the scenes & characters that are in the DVD's.

The first DVD is not included in the price due to the bad picture quality of the episodes and scenes on the 1st DVD. So IT IS FREE. I included it because it’s the root of this storyline.

Scenes in DVD 1 (Length 1hr 27min.):

 Tina moves back into Llanfair with Vicki&Clint. Andrea Evans Returns to the role of Tina Clayton. Tina finds young model photo's dedicated to Victor Lord from young models and shows Vicki & Clint. Tina shows Vicki the letter from Victor Lord and Niki Smith returns. Niki is at the Backstreet Bar and meets Harry. At The Banner's Anniversary Gala, Tina puts a copy of Victor Lord's letter in everyone's program and Vicki slaps Tina. More of Niki & Harry.All DVD's from this point on have excellent picture quality.

Scenes in DVD 2 (Length 3hrs 4min.):

Harry&Niki goes on a date and Vicki finds herself confused and seeking comfort at Jenny's house. Tina shows Dorian the secret room; Jenny & Vicki meet for the 1st time at the Backstreet Bar. Jenny tells Vicki about Niki. Dorian meets Mitch; Mitch & Tina plans on getting Dorian to show Vicki the secret room so she can turn into Niki. Clint&Jenny search for Vicki. Dorian shows Vicki the secret room and gets caught. Clint & Vicki discuss Niki. Mitch&Dorian have lunch and Clint interrupts. Niki makes plans to see Harry. Bo questions Vicki on where she has been. Tina tries to make Vicki turn into Niki by looking like her mother Irene. Jenny & Vicki have lunch. Clint throws Tina out. Dr. Polk and Vicki talk. Vicki begs Dr. Polk to allow the kids to come home. Clint talks with little Kevin&Joey.

Scenes in DVD 3 (Length 2hrs 47min.):

Mitch plans to kill Clint and frame Niki for it. Mitch drugs Niki. Tina comes and tries to stop him. Mitch kills Harry. Clint comes and Tina is arrested. Rafe tells Didi her father is dead. The trial begins. Tina is in jail. Didi blames Vicki for Harry’s death. Mitch tries to rape Dorian and Pete saves her. Ed questions Vicki. Jenny takes the stand. Dorian goes to Llanfair & Vicki is summons to court. Mitch takes the stand. Tina takes the stand.That was a detail description of the 3 DVD’s you will receive if you win this auction or decide to BUY NOW. All 3 DVD’s have scene selection in them and look wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You