Item Description
Hello One Life To Live Fans,
This is an unedited DVD of
OLTL from Early July 1986. Yes these are the
everybody is trying to watch again. The wonderful Paul Rauch
is the executive producer.
The major storylines taking places is Maria Roberts coming
to Llanview after the death of her husband Al Roberts,
Mitch’s cult and Cassie moves in to the Waterside Inn to
pretend as if she was a cult member, the Tina, Richard & Cord
triangle… ect…. The QUALITY IS GREAT AS
WELL AS THE SOUND OF THE EPISODES. There are no menu’s on
this DVD but the entire DVD is split in 10mintue intervals to skip
to your favorite parts and scenes in this wonderful DVD. If you
have any questions comments or concerns please do feel free to
contact me. Above are pictures taken from the DVD to give you a
feel and a sneak peak of the scenes in the storyline.
DVD Length : 3 hrs 4 mins
Joy helps Cassie unpack and gets settled in at
the Waterside Inn. When she’s alone, she puts together her
solution she needs to drink in order to fight off the mind
controlling drug in Mitch’s special tea. Pamela, Didi, Asa,
Viki & Clint are all at the Banner talking about Clint going
off to search for Bo who’s in a war at the time. A health
inspector visits Pete & Connie telling them he didn’t
find any violations at the Waterside Inn. Connie then pays the
inspector $5,000 just to find some kind of violation in order to
have the Waterside Inn shut down so her sister Joy can get away
from Mitch. Meanwhile, Maria is being terrorized by some man who
wants what Al Roberts left her and Cord after he died. He strangles
her to the ground making her loose consciousness. Cord pays Richard
Abbot a visit and they talk about the pictures he took of him and
Tina at a previous fundraiser. Cord leaves Richard’s office
after they argue about Tina’s love and affection. Cassie
comes downstairs and Mitch greets her with open arms, and Allison
gets jealous. An angry Mitch pulls Allison to the side and asks her
why she took away Joy’s crown of flowers and Allison says
that she knows that the crown of flowers mean. Tina visits Asa and
they talk about Tina choosing either Cord or Richard. Richard goes
to the Waterside Inn to talk to Mitch and warns him to stay away
from Tina. Cord calls home to El Paso and is disturbed by the
strange man that picked up the phone and wouldn’t put Maria
on. Cord & Tina talk The strange man slaps Maria around until
Cord arrives. Connie & Brad talk and she ask himi for a loan of
$10,000. An angry Wanda goes to Asa’s house. At the hotel,
Mitch visits Tina and brings her flowers and she tells him to stay
away from her. When she leaves, Mitch daydreams that Tina is lovey
dovey in his arms and all over him. Mitch goes on TV and everyone
watches as he tells all of the viewers about the great deeds that
he’s doing all around Llanview and tells everyone about the
money that Connie O’Neil donated to his charity and everyone
who is watching at home is surprised! The racehorse gambling story
begins and Lisa Barron is kidnapped and held hostage by this loan
shark wanting to collect money from her father. Maria moves to
Llanview because Cord was going to worry about his mother living in
Texas alone.