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Item code Au Ck A001
Package weight 240g
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Attentions:this is AU special!we only ship to USA!please make sure this before bidding!
--1 pcs Steel Ear Piercing Gun
Condition: Brand New
item code:CK-A001
A solid steel ear piercing gun with 98 pcs standard matching studs
Material of Studs: stainless steel with white gold plated surface
Size of the Gun (approx.): 11.5 cm x 9 cm
--49 pcs Silver Plated Shape Studs
(NOTICE: The designs of Piercing Studs you receive maybe different from picture shows.)
item code:CK-B001
--Free Gift: Pen & Mirror
The way it work is fairly simple: with an earring stud in place in the adapter, and a backing in the cradle, the tension regulator is pulled back or "cocked", the point of the stud is used as a guide for aim and the trigger is pulled, press "FIRE", forcing the stud through the flesh. We also single sell piercing studs. And the mirror and pen in the kit are gifts, not compensable if damage.