Item Description
James Bond is Back in Action! ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE Full Color Reproduction Lobby Card Set Eight Card Set 8" x 10" Size 110 lb. Quality Card Stock Superb Quality!     These Are Actual Pictures of the Cards (Shown smaller than the actual size of 8" x 10")   On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)  Reproduction Lobby Card Set of 8 This is rare movie art at an affordable price! This lobby card set is a super quality 8x10  full color reproduction. Makes a great gift.  Suitable for framing. All lobby cards are digitally printed on 110 lb. HEAVY card stock which makes them much clearer and sharper than a photocopy These have both the look and feel of the originals, the only difference is the size. George Lazenby .... James Bond Diana Rigg .... Tracy Bond Telly Savalas .... Ernst Stavro Blofeld Gabriele Ferzetti .... Draco Ilse Steppat .... Irma Bunt Lois Maxwell .... Miss Moneypenny George Baker .... Sir Hilary Bray Bernard Lee .... M Bernard Horsfall .... Campbell Desmond Llewelyn .... Q Yuri Borionko .... Grunther (as Yuri Borienko) Virginia North .... Olympe Geoffrey Cheshire .... Toussaint Irvin Allen .... Che Che Terence Mountain .... Raphael (as Terry Mountain)   When Bond's usual intelligence sources fail, he enlists the aid of crime boss Draco (Gabriele Ferzetti) to track down Ernst Blofeld (Telly Savales), head of the evil SPECTRE organization. The trail leads to the mountains of Switzerland, where Bond goes undercover in Blofeld's hi-tech headquarters. He encounter a bevy of seductive women, but none more beautiful than Draco's daughter, Tracy (Diana Rigg), who wins 007 over with her fervent independence, caustic wit and love of adventure. Bond pedges his eternal devotion to her, but there are more immediate concern: Blofeld is poised to unleash horrific germ warfare weaponry, that will endanger every living thing on earth. CONDITION IS MINT !!