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Thirtysomething movie mogul Claude Farrell ("Chris Garini" a/k/a porn performer Ghislain Garet, prominently featured in Gérard Kikoïne's NEVER ENOUGH) has the hots for aspiring actress Grendy Daumier (Valérie Houlier), star of his latest not-quite-porn blockbuster DORTOIR DES GRANDES - in reality, Unia's previous simulated opus COLLEGE DORMITORY - and at least a decade his junior. Unaware she's using him to further her career, with frequent trips to the tropical isle of St. Barts a pleasant bonus (not least in terms of production value), Claude receives the proverbial wake up call coming back from business earlier than expected to find Grendy giving it up to a lowly delivery guy. Shooting his rival for the unworthy tramp's affections, he goes on the lam, seeking refuge on a houseboat inhabited by another pair of cinema hopefuls, down to earth Chantal (Laetitia Thomas) and round-heeled Carla ("Ghislaine Kerdavid" a/k/a Michelle Davy, star of Michel Lemoine's LOVE IN PARADISE) who respond to Claude's disruptive presence in radically different ways. While Chantal seizes each opportunity to alert outsiders for help, Carla just comes on to him !

What little plot there is plays better as (albeit unintentional) comedy with wholly implausible situations - like Claude accompanying Chantal on a porn dubbing session since they both could do with the cash ?! - and some of the most wooden acting ever inflicted upon a paying audience. Ironically the sole cast member foregoing fornication film experience, totally talent-barren Houlier proves the prime offender with the fake tan sporting Garet a close contender. Frizzy-haired Thomas, who starred in Unia's simultaneously shot FESSES VIERGES A L'ESSAI AUX CARAIBES only to disappear without a trace, tries hard but is forced to face defeat by a belated change of heart turning her character into a complete moron. Ultimately, the delightful Davy comes off best, perpetually naked and wisely entrusted with most of the sex scenes. Stateside audiences may recall she starred (as "Nicole Vartan") in Jourdan Alexander's passable sequel TAXI GIRLS 2. Truncated orgy footage - check out FESSES VIERGES for the "inside scoop" ! - showcases a plethora of recognizable porn performers like mustachioed Jacky Arnal, incredible hunk Eric Saville, chunky Frank Balard, Karoline Houtart (the chubby-cheeked chick in a nun's habit also appearing in Michel Barny's AMOUR, FANTASMES ET FANTAISIE) plus a veritable who's who of Michel Lemoine cast-offs including Amanda Shell (FORBIDDEN PLEASURES), Chantal Trobert (MARILYN MON AMOUR) and Mina Houghe (HOT DESIRES).

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