Item Description

Helllo One Life To Live Fans,

       This item is a OLTL DVD from November 1990. It starts out with Cord & Johnny Dee fighting at Cord & Tina's wedding and he shoots Cord. Cord & Tina then try and have a private family wedding at Llanfair, but Asa comes and exposes Tina to everyone that Johnny Dee (at the time everyone thought) is the father of Tina's baby(who is now Sarah). Tina & Cord go upstairs to talk and Cord walks out on Tina. Next day Vicki talks Tina into going to talk to Cord, she talks to him but has no luck. She comes home to Llanfair and Troy shares the news with Tina & Vicki that Johnny Dee is "dead" after finding his car over a cliff. Everyone's guard is down and things go back to normal, except for when Vicki see's Johnny Dee creep into Llanfair and goes to Tina's room. Then Niki Smith (who has been nagging at Vicki the whole time) emerges and saves Tina from being kidnapped by murdering Johnny Dee with his own gun. WOW! YOU GOTTA SEE IT! And now the mystery begin's and Gabrielle & Julia (not surprisingly) are the only two who knows what really happened after Gabrielle stole the audio cassette tape from Llanfair the day of the murder. And then I couldn't fit anything else on the DVD, but if you would like the rest I would be more than glad to continue the rest of the story onto DVD, but it is upon your request.

 Just ask if you have any questions of any sort. Thank you so much for taking out the time to look at my AD.