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Oda Nobunaga
(King of Zipangu)
The Complete Japanese Drama DVD Collection (1-51 End)

Japanese with English Subtitles
Format: DVD

This NHK Taiga Drama
spans the entire life of Japan’s first great warlord, Oda
Nobunaga, who began the process of uniting Japan that was continued
by Toyotomi Hideyoshi and completed by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Great
history, together with tremendous battle scenes.
Nobunaga was born Oda Kippôshi, the second son of Oda
Nobuhide (1508? -1549), a minor lord whose family once served the
Shiba shugo. Nobuhide was a skilled warrior, and spent much of his
time fighting the samurai of Mikawa and Mino. He also had enemies
closer to home - the Oda were divided into two separate camps, with
both vying for control of Owari's eight districts. Nobuhide's
branch, of which he was one of three elders, was based at Kiyosu
castle. The rival branch was to the north, in Iwakura Castle.
In the third year of Eiroku (1560), at the battle of
Okehazama, Nobunaga destroyed Imagawa Yoshimoto, and his name
became known throughout the realm. Within the next 10 years, he had
conquered Mino province and began to aim at unifying the country.
Over the next 11 years, he took in Ashikaga Yoshiaki and
brought him to the capital (Kyôto), gaining him control of
the central Kinai region. At the battle of Anegawa, Nobunaga
destroyed the united armies of the Asai and Asakura, and in the 3rd
year of Tensho (1575) he defeated Takeda Katsuyori at the battle of
Nagashino in Mikawa Province.
However, in the sixth month of the 10th year of Tensho (june,
1582), while Hideyoshi was on the road to the Chugoku region,
Akechi Mitsuhide made a surprise attack on Nobunaga at the Honnoji
temple in Kyoto; Nobunaga killed himself with his own sword.
Oda Nobunaga died one of most interesting and controversial
figures in Japanese history who continues to inspire debate among
scholars and enthusiasts of the Sengoku Period. Oda Nobunaga, like
Taira Kiyomori (his supposed antecedent), lives on in history as a
complicated man who changed Japan forever.

* Ogata Naoto
* Nakamura Toru
* Frank Neil

Format: DVD
Language: Japanese
DVD Subtitles:
1 - 51 end
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