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For those of you that wish to lose weight faster or just plain keep it off!
YES!!   It's here!!  It's here!!
  its BACK!! DUE to limited amount NO DISCOUNTS on this item
from the makers of Redotex !!!
(which I also have - $150)
60 caplets ! - 30 mg - $170.00
YES! 60 caplets... NOT 30 like other sellers... 
By medix ®
- NEW! in its ORIGINAL sealed box and tablets are in sealed blister packs-
TOTAL of 6 blister packs, with 10 tablets each!!
PLEASE: review this product, ( GOOGLE IT!! ) I can answer any questions or concerns,however please do your own homework!
web pages can help for doses or side effects! Web pages have TONS of useful information... ;-)


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