Item Description
Brand: Oakley
Type: romeo and Juliet
Lens material: other material
Color: gold box red piece of bright silver box of red golden gun box
red dark box of dumb YinGong piece of red golden gun box blue piece of
gold box of dazzle golden gun box dazzle colour piece of black box of
blue other colors
Style: exquisite individual character avant-garde concise
Schick/comfortable movement
Applicable people: man and woman
Sunglasses function: the UVA and UVB rays
Affiliated fittings: mirror mirror box of manual cloth
1. I accept paypal
2. Accept the western union (paying the western union preferential 3%)
Delivery methods:
1. Postal aviation send project about 15 to 25 days to reach
2. EMS send about four to seven days project to arrive, but the use of
EMS send projects need another and freight, if need to please contact
Oakley sunglasses, is the world's top professional production
manufacturer of glasses, high quality of frames and its unique eclipse
processing suitable for various sports occasion. The obvious
difference from other of the unique brand of modelling makes each hold
the stack the collection diligently reasons. Brand from 1975, founder
Jim Jannard is--and Michael Jordan. Its products cover glasses, sports
shoes, sports wear, watches, and so on. Oakley glasses all series, all
in the domestic production, the assembly, examines and packaging, to
ensure its quality is absolutely correct. Oakley lenses used the
Plutonite material manufacturing, in addition to 100% block
ultraviolet and is bad for the eyes of the blu-ray, more clarity
surpass the U.S. the ANSI standard industry. In addition, bull with 12
mm diameter function of DiaoQiang had test. The different tonal have
different reflection coating, can send 7%-96% of the light, with
different needs.
Oakley sunglasses, frequently appeared in Hollywood, the most famous
is x-men, X-metal penny ruby therefore are also many lovers
collection, limited edition flame red lens series is critical to fry
by $1200 a pair, in addition, the hacker empire, "spider-man," and
"the blades", "the mission" in can see the figure of Oakley, and tour
DE France with 90% of the players in the Oakley is the sun glasses,
champion of Oakley is also with Armstrong. F1 driver KIMI raikkonen,
barton, MOTOROLA and the myth of GP Peter pan rossi, Oakley is a
faithful follower of brand, Oakley and motor professional riders
dedicated Ducati (du Cadillac) series, red signs marked and reflect
the identity, by the fans chase after hold in both hands. Inferior the
sun glasses will seriously damage your eyesight, choose Oakley
sunglasses, take care of your life to my eyes.