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O-Town's Making The Band - All 3 Seasons on 3 Discs + THERE & BACK

The first season, airing on ABC, began with eight young men, and chronicled the competition between them in typical reality-show fashion. It featured on screen choreography by Ramon Del Barrio. Midway through the first season, three of the eight men were eliminated, leaving Ashley Parker Angel, Jacob Underwood, Erik-Michael Estrada (not to be confused with American actor Erik Estrada), Trevor Penick, and Ikaika Kahoano. These five were set to become O-Town and the process of producing their first CD began. Several episodes later, however, Kahoano was forced to choose between the band and his family, and he chose his family. Selecting from the original group of 25 semi-finalists, the remaining four members of the band chose Dan Miller to be Kahoano's replacement. With the final member of O-Town in place, the remainder of the first season tracked the development and struggles with the new band.These additional seasons continued to track the development of O-Town as a pop group, following tours, performances, and other seminal events in the band's history. Such events included the development of their second CD, O2, their transition to a new record label, Clive Davis' J Records, and an ongoing struggle to "prove themselves" as legitimate artists.

Season 1 - This season is the oldest, the quality is about 7/10, but very much viewable. I never had any complaints, I'm just being honest with the quality.
Season 2 - Quality is better than season one, but not HD perfect. I give it about 8/10, but again very much viewable.
Season 3 - Best out of the 3, with a quality of about 9/10.

BONUS: Get Ashley Parker Angels series "There and Back" with the Making The Band series. It comes on 1 DVD and the quality is 9/10.

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