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Nukote POS Supplies â— Nu-kote POS Ribbon Supplies

  Description: Replacement Ink roller for Nukote NR100 POS Ink Roller

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FJA Products is proud to offer the Replacement Casio ink rollerfor the Casio Cash Registers. This replacement Ink Roller replaced the following: Seiko IR90 / Seiko IR91 / Seiko IR92 / Royal 013116 / Dataproducts E1146 / Nu-kote NR100 / Sharp ER-9091R / NCR 199270
The Replacement Casio Cash Register Ink Roller is compatible with all of the following Cash Register machines:
Allen R C RC209 â— Allen R C RC305 â— Allen R C RC310 â— Allen R C RC322 â— Aster GA 705 â— Aster GA 706 â— Aster GA 709 â— Aster GA 715 â— B&E R 270 V â— B&E R 270-2 â— B&E RE 270-4 â— B&E RE 3100 â— B&E RE 6100 GP â— B&E RE 6100-10 â— B&E RE 6100-20 â— B&E RE 6100-30 â— B&E RE 6100-40 â— Casio 3404 ER â— Casio 3408 ER â— Casio 3508 ER â— Casio 3530 ER â— Casio 4404 ER â— Casio 4420 ER â— Casio 4430 ER â— Casio CE 2100 â— Casio CE 2104 â— Casio CE 2108 â— Casio CE 2208 â— Casio CE 3100 â— Casio CE 3115 â— Casio CE 3200 â— Casio CE 3215 â— Casio CE 3400 â— Casio CE 3405 â— Casio CE 3415 â— Casio CE 3500 â— Casio CE 3530 ER â— Casio CE 3535 â— Casio CE 3630 â— Casio CE 3640 â— Casio CE 3680 â— Casio CE 3700 â— Casio CE 3750 â— Casio CE 3800 â— Casio CE 3815 â— Casio CE 3820 â— Casio CE 3830 â— Casio CE 3840 â— Casio SR 6 â— Casio TK 100 â— Casio TK 1000 â— Casio TK 1100 â— Casio TK 700 â— Casio TK 710 â— CRS 400 â— CRS 405 â— CRS 408 â— CRS 812 â— CRS 828 â— Data Terminal Systems 1500 â— Data Terminal Systems 1600 â— Data Terminal Systems 1700 â— Data Terminal Systems 1800 â— Epson CR 801 â— Epson CR 802 A â— Epson CR 812 â— Epson CR 900 â— Epson CR 901 â— Epson CR 910 â— Epson CR 911 â— Esper 7100 â— Esper 7200 â— Gold 100 â— Gold 101 â— Gold 108 â— Gold 221 L â— Gold 330 â— Gold 430 â— JCM Gold-211 â— JCM Gold-2200 â— JCM Gold-223 â— JCM Gold-4800 â— Kingtron CX Series â— Kingtron DX Series â— Kingtron EX Series â— NCR 2106 â— NCR 2109 â— Olivetti Mercator 16 â— Olivetti Mercator 20 â— Olivetti Mercator 25 â— Olivetti Mercator 40 â— Omron RS 12-00 â— Omron RS 14-30 â— Omron RS 16 â— Omron RS 16-30 â— Omron RS 16-40 â— Omron RS 16-50 â— Omron RS 2010 D â— Royal ER-185 â— Samsung CR-812 A â— Samsung ER 1710 A â— Samsung ER 1805 â— Samsung ER 1810 â— Samsung ER 2610 â— Samsung ER 2615 â— Samsung ER 2710 â— Samsung ER 2715 â— Samsung ER 3715 â— Samsung ER 3740 â— Samsung ER 4100 â— Samsung ER 4715 â— Sanyo 360 â— Sanyo 365 â— Sanyo 370 â— Sanyo 460 â— Sanyo 470 â— Sanyo 500 â— Sanyo 505 â— Sanyo 510 â— Sanyo 515 â— Sanyo 550 â— Sanyo 560 â— Sanyo 570 â— Sanyo ECR 305 â— Sanyo ECR 325 â— Sanyo ECR 335 â— Sanyo ECR 338 â— Sanyo ECR 345 â— Sanyo ECR 355 â— Sanyo ECR 360 â— Sanyo ECR 365 â— Sanyo ECR 375 â— Sanyo ECR 380 â— Sanyo ECR 4400 â— Sanyo ECR 450 â— Sanyo ECR 460 â— Sanyo ECR 470 â— Sanyo ECR 4810 â— Sanyo ECR 4818 â— Sanyo ECR 500 â— Sanyo ECR 505 â— Sanyo ECR 515 â— Sanyo ECR 520 â— Sanyo ECR 5400 â— Sanyo ECR 550 â— Sanyo ECR 560 â— Sanyo ECR 570 â— Sanyo ECR 570 N â— Sanyo ECR 5800 â— Sanyo ECR 600 â— Sanyo ECR 6020 â— Sanyo LX 500 â— Sanyo LX 550 â— Seiko CR-812 â— Seiko CR-900 â— Seiko CR-901 â— Seiko CR-910 â— Sharp ER-1875 â— Sharp ER-1920 â— Sharp ER-1921 S â— Sharp ER-1970 â— Sharp ER-2370 â— Sharp ER-2380 â— Sharp ER-2381 â— Sharp ER-2385 â— Sharp ER-2386 â— Sharp ER-2386 S â— Sharp ER-2390 â— Sharp ER-2391 â— Sharp ER-2395 â— Sharp ER-2396 â— Sharp ER-2540 â— Sharp ER-2541 â— Sharp ER-2590 â— Sharp ER-2590 S â— Sharp ER-2592 â— Sharp ER-2595 â— Sharp ER-2905 â— Sharp ER-2908 â— Sharp ER-2910 â— Sharp ER-3010 â— Sharp ER-3536 â— Sharp ER-3600 â— Sharp ER-3630 â— Sharp ER-3660 â— Sharp ER-A320 â— Sharp ER-A330 â— Sharp XE-2055 â— Sweda 1575 â— Sweda 1915 â— Sweda 1920 â— Sweda 2810 â— Sweda 2820 â— Sweda 2845 â— Sweda L28 â— TCA 941 â— TCA 942 â— TCA 943 â— TCA 944 â— Teknika G-2000 â— Teknika G-2010 â— Teknika G-2200 â— Teknika G-2220 â— Teknika G-2230 â— Teknika G-2240 â— Teknika G-2400 â— Teknika G-2600 â— Teknika G-2800 â— Teknika G-3000 â— Teknika G-4000 â— Teknika G-5200 â— Towa Apollo 4 â— Towa Apollo 8 â— Towa TA 250 â— Towa TA 251 â— Towa TA 252 â— Towa TA 254 â— Towa TA 270 â— Towa TA 274 â— Unitrex 4000 â— Uniwell U 300 â— Victor 2700 â— Victor 3008

This item normally ships the same business day for orders received by 5 PM EST

Don't be fooled by others who are selling old surplus supplies. These Ribbons are manufactured and packaged in a sealed package.  We offer Factory Sealed packages.


This eBay item is a Buy-It-Now item, orders are for a single package of ink rollers.  This sealed package consists of 1 package of replacement ink rollers.

We are the Ribbon Experts - Need help? Call us  - USA Toll Free 800-982-9989 / Intl 760-761-1108