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"Not with a Bang" was a short-lived sitcom from London Weekend Television. The opening scene of the first episode was fiendishly clever. Audiences were lured into believing they were watching an episode of "Tomorrow's World", a popular BBC science programme featuring presenter Judith Hann. Hann was shown in her usual laboratory, mixing some peculiar chemicals. When she spilt some of this concoction on herself, Hann dissolved into a pile of ash... suddenly alerting viewers that something strange was happening. Next thing we know, the weird chemical is spreading, and suddenly people are turning into ashpiles all over London ... and then all over Britain ... and then, finally, throughout the world. The human race are extinct! Hurrah!



 Mike Grady ... Graham Wilkins (7 episodes, 1990)

Josie Lawrence ... Janet Wilkins (7 episodes, 1990)

Ronald Pickup ... Brian Appleyard (7 episodes, 1990)

Stephen Rea ... Colin Garrity (7 episodes, 1990)

comes on plain dvd in plastic wallet This Comedy Has Never Been Released Commercially