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NordicTrack Viewpoint TV Treadmill: Fitness & Entertainment Combined

NordicTrack ViewPoint TV Treadmill comes packed with nice features, the first and the best of which is, of course, the built-in TV. The console features a 10.2 inch flat-screen color TV and speakers. You can connect it to your cable and have all your favorite channels available. The machine is also DVD-compatible, so you can watch movies as well. Both the picture and the sound are very clear, and time certainly flies when you watch TV as you exercise. Many people quit using a treadmill because of boredom; with this one, you will not have that excuse.

As to other features, ViewPoint has a large belt, 22 inches wide and 60 inches long, that gives plenty of room and allows long strides. The belt boasts unique Auto Response cushioning that can actually change and adjust to your current activity: walking, running, walking flat or uphill, etc. You can also set the cushioning to your preference, telling the machine how hard or soft you want it to be. There are 15 settings to choose from. The incline feature that allows you to walk uphill has a 0-12% range.

The machine has one of NordicTrack's strongest motors, a 3 horsepower commercial-grade continuous duty motor that comes with a lifetime warranty. ViewPoint no side railings, so I would recommend wearing the safety key at all times when using it. The safety key, common to most treadmills today, is a device that you clip onto your clothes; it will turn the machine off if you happen to lose your balance. The maximum user weight for this treadmill is 350 pounds.

Another cool feature is the remote control. You don't have to slow down and reach to the console to change your speed and incline on this treadmill, you can do that by pressing buttons on the remote control.

The console has 2 fans that can be set on Low, Medium, and High. The airflow self-adjusts on each level as you exercise, it becomes stronger if you increase your speed.

NordicTrack ViewPoint TV Treadmill has 33 pre-programmed workouts and it is also iFIT compatible. You can also create and save 4 workouts of your own. Needless to say, this machine tracks everything a good treadmill is expected to track today - time, speed, distance, incline, heart rate, burnt calories and even burnt carbs.

This treadmill connects to cable, ipods, etc. Works fabulous. We just no longer have room for it. Has some peeling of paint on one of the handles. Works like new. 

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