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Non-Stop (Dangan Ranna, 1996) A Film by SABU

Hiroyuki Tanaka, directed Non-Stop, his first film under the name SABU in 1996, and though it is simpler than his later features, it already exhibits the inventive style and humorous storytelling that have become his trademarks. Tomorowo Taguchi (star of "Tetsuo: Iron Man") plays Yasuda, a bumbling would-be bank robber, whose plan falls apart when he is caught stealing a gauze face mask from a convenience store. The drugged-up store clerk (singer and musician Diamond Yukai - a.k.a. Yutaka Tadokoro from "Tokyo Pop," "Samurai Fiction" and "Lost in
Translation"), retrieves Yusuda's lost gun and begins a chase. A young yakuza, Takeda (SABU regular Shinichi Tsutsumi) in turn takes after the clerk because of money owed for drugs,

At first, the chase is a real one with the actual threat of violence, but then becomes a kind of meditative exercise, with memories flooding back into each of their minds as they run for their lives. Chance encounters and unexpected interruptions continue to add to the strange chain of events and propels the trio on into the night and to meet their destinies. As Takeda's yakuza boss has told him, "How we run is important...How we run and how it
affects people. We all run towards something."

And what are the ideas that define a SABU production? “I think it is interesting to see characters in these conditions. But it is true that, in a way, it also relates to how I think about life...There are so many rules and most people will agree that it is better to live by them or bad things will happen, but when looking at those rules from a child's perspective, things are not as simple as they seem. When I'm writing my script, I try to think in the same
way in order to come up with unusual situations...” Obviously, SABU is reluctant to impose a strict definition, and his films need to be viewed in the same open-minded way...

Widescreen with English Subtitles

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