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Non ionic Surfactant
NonylPhenol Ethloxylate

Nonyl Phenol, Non ionic Surfactant or non-ionic Surfactant. Synonyms:Tergitol NP-9.5, T- Det N 9.5, NP 9, Van Wet 9N9 or 9.5 Mol, Ultranex NP 95, Alkasurf NP-10 Surfactant
CAS: 9016-45-9
Surfactant used for wetting, detergency, good rinseability.

Used in all types of:
  • Car washes,
  • Truck washes,
  • Laundry cleaners
  • General detergents,
  • General Household and Institutional Cleaners,
  • Foamers (for industry as well as agriculture) ,
  • Prewash & spotters,
  • degreasers,
    Add surfactant to herbicides, pesticides for wetters, stickers and more.
  • Actives: 100%
  • Cloud Point: 138 F
  • HLB - 13.1
  • Viscocity at 77 deg F - 240
    Solubility / Compatability-Soluble in water, most chlorinated solvents. Compatible with other soaps/ detergents and most other anionic and non ionic surfactants, as well as many organic solvents, and usually chemically stable in formulations containing dilute acids ,bases and salts.
    Typically NOT used in personal care or toiletries for foaming. We have other products for those. Just email us.
    Depending on application you will use from 2% to 100% .


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