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“Who Else Wants To Learn How To To Become A Masterful Communicator Where You Can Induce Trance Completely Conversationally... Install Thought Viruses... Change Minds Through Nested Loops And Leverage The Principles of Unconscious Installation... So You Can Help Yourself , Training Participants or Coaching Clients Get What They Really Want... Quicker, Easier And More Successfully Than Ever Before...”
If You Ever Wanted To Learn Many Genuinely Advanced NLP Skills That Are WAY Beyond What Are Taught In Most Public NLP Trainings Then This Will Be The BEST investment You Will Make All Year... Whether You Are An NLP Enthusiast, Professional Coach, Trainer, Consultant or Hypnotist There Are Strategies & Distinctions Inside This Training That Can Make A Huge Difference To What You Can Achieve With The Technology Of NLP.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever:

Wanted to know the very latest advanced language patterns... that are so far beyond yes sets and stacked presuppositions that it makes "traditional" language patterns look like they are "kindergarten NLP"

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to put someone into trance entirely conversationally and if so... what exactly is the simple yet magical change in attitude and strategies that make conversational trance feel so natural... you wonder why no one had taught you this sooner?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how advanced NLP change and training processes like nested loops and unconscious installation really work?

Have you ever wanted to be able to track and understand what expert communicators like Dr. Richard Bandler, Barack Obama or Tony Robbins are doing when the present so well?

Have you ever wondered if "unconscious installation" is real or a bluff?

Have you ever wanted to learn from a true expert some of the most advanced NLP skills being used today for a fraction of the price that it would cost you to learn these skills in a live in-person training?

If you answered YES to any of these then the content and strategies taught in this unique advanced NLP teleseminar training series will make this one of the most important sales letters you will read all year.

This Training Series Puts You In The Driving Seat

NLP is one of the most powerful personal change and communication technologies available in the world today. Love it or hate it, the technology is immensely powerful when it is being used a by a skilled NLPer. This may already be someone you know, or perhaps it is, or you would like this to be, you.

Either way, for many years the field has been over represented by people telling NLPers that if you say this, do that then you will instantly get someone to fall in love, go to bed with you, make more money, etc. etc.

For the most part this kind of stuff is "emperor's new clothes" stuff - myth and fluff, or applying the technology in a way that is questionable at best and leaves the skill levels of earnest practitioners lacking.

Their is too much emphasis on a procedural based step 1, 2, 3 approach that has left many people confused and questioning their own skills or wondering why doesn't my skills get me the result I want.

In short the "noise to signal" ratio (i.e. what you can use vs. what is propagated on some parts of the Internet as useful stuff) has gone way up and diluting the quality of really useful and skill specific NLP based content. No where is this more apparent than for folks who want to learn some of the really cool and advanced NLP stuff, like Conversational Trance, truly advanced language patterns, nested communication and so forth.

The Internet is full of disagreeing voices (which can be both a good and a bad thing). In today's community, there is no end of people who will tell you how this NLP thing works or that processes happens, but for the most part many people who are telling/selling you this stuff don't have the skills or experience to back it up.

For example have you ever heard that:

With the right language patterns you can get anyone to do anything?

To evoke the trance state you must do a induction, deeper and revivication?

That stacking realities and nested loops are the same thing?

That unconscious installation doesn't exist!

That all you need to "unconsciously install" anything is to tell someone a series of stories?

Sound familiar?

How about...

That there is only one way to do the phobia cure

That nested loops is actually a technique and should be delivered as "3-in 3 out" or "5-in 5 out" procedure

That the only way to use the "change" techniques of NLP is overtly (thinking that somehow they can't be done conversationally)

That reverse presuppositions, yes sets and embedded commands are cutting edge language patterns...

Etc. etc., you get the idea.

Most of this kind of thinking if fluff. It's selling the idea of NLP as a magic bullet and that you only need to say/do this one (secret) thing and instantly you will get that girl, guy, money, career, fame etc.

If you have had enough of that kind of "popcorn" NLP thinking and would like to learn the principles and practices that are behind many of the most advanced skills in NLP today, then you will really enjoy this Advanced NLP teleseminar training series.

Over four evenings earlier this year I interviewed renowned Master NLP trainer Michael Breen and had him provide expert insight (in a very clear and accessible way) on four advanced NLP skills. We had several hundred NLPers, Coaches, Hypnotists and trainers join in live from around the world as Michael answered the most pressing questions on these four advanced NLP skill topics.

And what he had to share was, as many listeners described "excellent"... "second to none"... "top drawer" and "reality changing". (Their words, not ours).

Originally planned for 60-75 minutes, each training went for nearly two hours each, as Michael provided numerous demonstrations and overt explanations on several advanced NLP topics.

These training events are known as advanced NLP because each teleseminar training focuses in on an advanced skills and use of the technology that anyone who strives to become really good with NLP will want to know.

There are four major topics covered. When you purchase this program you will receive digital downloads of:

Advanced Language Patterns: Seeding Suggestions & Thought Viruses

Conversational Trance: Using Hypnosis in Everyday Language

Unconscious Installation: What Every NLPer Should Know

The Art & Skills of Nested Story Telling