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 You are watching for a pot of nixoderm cream 17.7g NET (Standard size)


Nixoderm is not from the UK and it is not made for the UK market - its made for the Nigerian, Asia and South American market (pretty much every country in a tropical climate!)
Tropical climates bring with them a variety of problems e.g. the humidity keeps the skin in a constantly damp state which can lead to peeling of the skin, fungus's actually growing on your skin and infections. Airborne insects biting and infecting the skin are common place. Nixoderm actually treats ring worm - its healing properties allows skin to heal in record time killing bacteria (one of the main causes of spots) and drying up infections. Imagine what its going to do to that spot, eczema, rash, cut, scar, graze or outbreak of acne?. That's why Nixoderm is only sold ion these climates and that’s why you can’t go with out it!
I suffer from acne and there have been numerous occasions when i have awoken on a Saturday morning to fins a spot at the end of my nose. I think you will agree not the best area to get a spot when you are going out on the night!!!
But fear not wash your face and apply the Nixoderm to the problem area...
One of the reasons Nixoderm is so effective compared to other products is the way the ointment stays in contact with your skin allowing all the active ingredients to work on the skin for a period of time.
Now after 20 minutes you can actually feel the stuff working its STRONG, you'll feel a warm sensation at the point of application (sensitive skin should dilute Nixoderm with petroleum jelly) after 2 to 4 hours that spot will be gone.


The cream can be used for:

  • pimples
  • blackhead
  • itching
  • rashes
  • ringworm of the skin and scalp


I have sold over 100+ via online:

Some feedbacks:

Dean Walker - Newcastle, UK
Thanks for the quick delivery. This is my 3rd Nixoderm I have bought from you so thought id send you a quick email to say thanks and what a great product you have there, both me and my girlfriend now use Nixoderm and I will reccomend ot to all my friends and family.

James Brass - Middlesbrough, UK
My cousin introduced me to Nixoderm so I bought one and I have to say Im very impressed. Thanks for the quick delivery - I will definitely have some more.

Paul Aaron - New York, USA
WOW Strong stuff -I have used countless numbers of tins now, and cant go without it, being a teenager I get spots often and your Nixoderm really really helps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I have sensitive skin can I use Nixoderm?
A:Yes of course, I do advise you to dilute the Nixoderm with petroleum jelly and start with small amounts slowly working up to large amounts as your skin familiarises its self with the Nixoderm.
Q : Is there a recommended age?

A: No

Q: Where is Nixoderm produced?

A: Malaysia

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Non Known

Q:Do you combine shipping?
A:Yes! for every Nixoderm you purchase after your 1st every following Nixoderm is sent at a low rate
Q:Do you ship internationally.

A:Yes we do and its at a low flat rate regardless of your location in the world.
Q:My Nixoderm still has not arrived!

A:Items do get lost in the post. After recieving an email saying the Nixoderm has been dispatched you should see it arrive in the post within approximately 3 working days. If this is not the case please send me an email to quoting "LostN1" + your address and telephone number. A replacement will be sent.

Nixoderm is made up of a thick putty here are the ingredients from the the tin:
Benzoic acid - 6%
Titanium Dioxide - 10%
Salicylic acid - 2.5%
Menthol - 1.1%
precipitated Sulphur - 4.6%
"In a soothing emollient base"

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