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The Palladium - Hollywood, CA United States
Total CDR (with no artwork) Time 64:89 / 18 Tracks

In Bloom


Floyd The Barber


Verse Chorus Verse


Love Buzz


Floyd The Barber






About A Girl


Spank Thru




In Bloom




Negative Creep




Montage Of Heck


Clean Up Before She Comes


Big Long Now


Asking For It

Nirvana Bootography Rating: A 99%

Average Reader Rating: 96%
Reader Reviews
Nirvana Bootography Review:
Below is a review submitted by bill rice (he likes his name
spelled with all lowercase letters). He has done a more thorough
job reviewing this disc than I have, so I have replaced my review
with his. This was submitted before the reader review feature was
available. There are several points made about the sound quality on
this disc that
might give the impression that the CDR (with no artwork) sound isn't
superb... it IS!!!! This is arguably the best live Nirvana 1990
recording circulating. - Mitch
For a 1990 date, the sound on this disc is great. It isn't
perfect, but you can't expect recordings from this time period to
be perfect anyway. This disc features a rehearsal recording of
Verse Chorus Verse (aka In His Hands) which is one of the best
recordings of this rare song to ever surface, and is arguably the
highlight of this disc. The live show is also great. It features
Dale Crover on drums, and they play two songs which would later be
released on Nevermind, one of which is also played at soundcheck!
So you also get to hear Dale Crover play a few songs from
Nevermind. That's worth the price alone.

Track 1: The CDR (with no artwork) starts with three songs from the soundcheck.
They play In Bloom first. This is cool since it's such an early
version. The drum beat during the little breaks is a little weird.
There's one or two beats less than the Nevermind version. The
treble might be a little high since the cymbals stand out a bit.
And there's a fair amount of tape hiss, which is a problem and
might scare away the casual collector. But overall this is a pretty
good sounding recording.
Track 2: They play Floyd The Barber next. It starts off a
little sloppy, but it's a cool version. It doesn't have the two
"moans" after the solo, though. And the drums end messed up, off
the beat. Afterwards, there's an exchange where the band discusses
what song to play next:

Dale: "Try a new one"
Voice (probably someone from the club): "How are you guys
Kurt : "Fine"
Dale (in the backgound): "Fine."
Kurt: "Do we... are we running behind?"
Voice: "No, not that I know of."
Kurt: "Can we do one more?"
Voice: "Yeah, go ahead."
Kurt: "Ok."
Kurt plays a few chords of Pay to Play
Dale: (Indecipherable)"... try a new one...
(indecipherable)...Remember that one from..."

Krist starts playing the bassline from Verse Chorus Versefor
a couple of seconds. Kurt says "Oh that one!" (Thanks to Mitch, Max
& Nurvanna for deciphering the dialogue!) Then there's a cut.
Track 3: Here's the gem: They play Verse Chorus Verse (aka In
His Hands). This version is awesome! Why didn't they play this song
during the show?!
Track 4: The show starts with Krist jamming. He starts
playing without distortion, then switches it on. Kurt introduces
the band: "We're Nirvana and we really don't particularly like
heavy metal." They play Love Buzz. It's a cool version, but the
cymbals sound a little "washy," they blend together and kind of
overpower the song.
Track 5: They play Floyd The Barber next. Kurt's guitar goes
out during the solo. He burps once instead of moaning, though! He
gets his guitar to work for the last verse only to have it cut out
again near the end of the song. Krist comments that things are
"just a little out of control." He plays another, really cool bass
Track 6: Scoff is played next. This is an awesome version!
They sound like they're really into it. Afterwards, Krist says
"Thanks a lot." He fools around on the bass some more, then Kurt
fools around with his guitar. Dale says "Hit it!"
Track 7: They play Dive. As the bass starts in the beginning,
Kurt says "this is new" really fast.
Track 8: Next, they play About A Girl. Dale sings the "I do"
parts. In fact, he sings all the harmony parts on the songs! It
sounds really cool. After the song, Krist says "Got a new song."
Not sure what he was refering to since they play Spank Thru next.
Track 9: Kurt starts and stops the first few chords of Spank
Thru. Later, he plays a real "gnarled" solo. It's weird but good.
Krist says "Back there on the drums we got Dale Crover from the
Melvins" to which Dale replies "Yeh, I'm the slut drummer for hire
so...." Someone in the audience calls out "Play Molly's Lips."
There's a cut.
Track 10: They play Imodium really fast. Kurt sounds like
he's really into it. After the song, Krist asks "who the hell is
that?" Dale says "this song is called Negative Creep. ... Turn it
up! Turn it up!" But Kurt corrects him. "No, this is a new song.
It's called In Bloom. It's about reproduction."
Track 11: They play In Bloom of course. Afterwards, Krist
fools around on the bass some more.
Track 12: Either the band launches into School or there's
another, less noticable cut. It sounds like Kurt says "your
attitude again" during the refrain at the end (but doesn't it
always?) Krist plays yet another bass solo, then asks "ready?" Kurt
replies "Readah! Readah!" It sounds like there's another cut!
Track 13: They play Negative Creep. After the song, Kurt says
"Thanks!" Then Krist says "Thanks a lot. You guys were really
Track 14: They end the set with Blew. At the end, Kurt says
"Good night!"
Track 15: The rest of the cd is devoted to some strange
filler tracks. The first one is Montage Of Heck part 1, which is
mislabeled as The Landlord because of the song snippet from the
unreleased song The Landlord Is A Piece Of Shit From Hell. Too bad
this song isn't commercially available! If you don't have this on
the Outcesticide 4 disc, then it's a nice addition. But either way,
you won't listen to it more than once or twice. Of course, if
you're like me, then you'll listen to the first few minutes so that
you can put the snippet of The Landlord... on the various tapes you
make! I just love that song!!!
Track 16: Clean Up Before She Comes is on here next. Did Blue
Moon rip off this disc or is it the other way around? No idea, but
this is also on Out4. At least this is a good song that you'll want
to have.
Track 17: Big Long Now. Okay, can someone explain why this
was included on here? As far as I can tell, it's the same version
that's featured on the Incesticide release! What the hell?!
Track 18: The last song is probably the most worth while
track on here. It's the version of Hole's Asking For It that
features Kurt's backing vocals. Unfortunately, you probably won't
want to listen to this one very often either, since you can barely
tell it's Kurt singing, and he doesn't even get the words right! Oh
well, it's just filler after all. The good stuff is the rehearsal
and show tracks.

This is a solid disc featuring a great performance, as well
as the an almost studio quality version of Verse Chorus Verse.
While the filler tracks have been rendered unnecessary by Blue
Moon, they don't detract from the disc as a whole.