Item Information
Brand Banpresto
Character Fire Mario
Character family Super Mario Bros.
Condition New
Gender Boys
Material Pvc
Mpn Smfldx17
Packaging Original (Unopened)
Recommended age range 3 Years And Above
Series Dx Sofubi
Size 8&Quot;
Type Action Figure
Year 2013
Estimated Shipping 15 - 20 Days
Item Description
Super Mario Bros. FIRE Mario DX Sofubi Series Large PVC Figure 8"+ Action Figure
Brand: Banpresto
* Officially Licensed by Nintendo
Product Features:
Brand New in Unopened Blister Pack
Material: Vinyl ; Easy to clean and Highly Durable
The Figure can be manipulated into different poses
Great for anyone who enjoys Super Mario Bros.
Representation of Mario after being powered by a Fire Flower
The Figure depicts Mario smiling with his mouth ajar
Ideal for collection or use it as a gift
Color: White / Red
Height (approx) : 24 cm / 8 "
Dimensions (approx): 8.75 in x 8.46 in x 3.7 in
Weight (approx): 10 oz

Package Contents:

1 x Packaged Super Mario Bros. DX Sofubi Figure
M Note: Item sold in storefront so purchase of item may not guarantee it is here to send. In such case you will be immediately notified.
Other Information: It is useful for buyers to understand the character of the toy they are buying so that they can have a conversation with the person they are giving the gift to, so I will include some relevant useful information. This character is in the Video Games Super Mario Brothers for game consoles Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Wii, Gameboy Nintendo DS. and so on. Brand Names that make these toys include BANDAI , hudson soft , banpresto, goldie holdings , dx sofubi , etc In the video game, this character is allied with the character Bowser and his Army. This character is allied with members of Bowser's army including ghost boo , bullet bill , goomba , lakitu , cheep cheep ,chain chomp chomp , bomb bombo , baby bowser , koopa kids , lemmy koopa , roy koopa , dry bones , buzzy beetle , wario , waluigi , paragoomba , paratroopa , shy guy , blue and green hammer bros , spiny , piranha , and many others. Because this character is a member of bowser's army he is also enemies with mario , luigi , yellow red green and blue toad old toadsworth , pink princess peach , toadette , diddy kong, donkey kong jr, and so on. So when you give this item as a gift, try to remember these character's name and you will enjoy the gift giving even more!
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