Item Description
Improve your HPA tank performance and comfort with a Ninja Paintball Pro Adjustable Tank Regulator! Ninja to the top of the market with their Ninja Paintball PRO Adjustable Tank Regulator! The Ninja PRO reg introduces the 2nd generation of their Sonic Recharge Technology. This 4500 psi system allows for insanely fast recharge rates, meaning you won't experience shoot down or pressure drop off during those long and fast shot strings. Ninja's Efficiency Dynamics lets you easily adjust pressure by increasing or decreasing the number of shims within the PRO Regulator for optimal performance with your gun's inline regulator. Twist Technology allows the player to rotate the reg 360 degrees by simply loosening three set screws, adjust, and then retighten. Now you can position the guage where its easy to read and the fill nipple won't dig into your wrist! Ninja Paintball Pro Adjustable Tank Regulator features:
- Efficiency Dynamics lets you easily adjust output pressure - Shim adjustment for 450, 550, 700 and 800 psi output - Rated to 4500 psi - Twist Technology so you can reposition the guage and fill nipple - Super low profile hardened steel fill nipple - Double o-ring design for better seal - MADE IN THE USA!