Item Description

Hello Erika Slezak Fans,

                         This item contains 1 wonderfully edited and created DVD from the 1985-86 Niki Smith Returns storyline. The collage above has a picture of the DVD's and snap shot pictures of the scenes & characters that are in the DVD's.
Scenes in DVD 6 (Length 3hrs 7min.): 
Tina is able to convince Lt. Hall & Dr. Polk that Vicki is really Niki Smith. They go to Llanfair where Vicki & Clint attempts to re-marry, but their nuptials are ruined and Dr. Polk admits Vicki back into Mountainview, where she makes her self look even crazier. Vicki has a horrible night in the sanitarium and as well as her dreams. Vicki has a session with Dr. Polk and she proves herself to be Vicki, not Niki and is released from the sanitarium. As Vicki leaves, the psychotic Tracy James creeps into Dr. Polk’s office and he catches her. Tracy kills him after having an episode in his office, and leaves the room cleaning her finger prints making it appear as Vicki killed him. Vicki & Clint go on vacation and brings the kids with them, making it look like they are running away because Vicki killed Dr. Polk. Back at Llanfair, Tina is sure of Vicki going to prison for killing Dr. Polk and begins to move back into Llanfair claiming the estate as her property. Dorian is also in scenes with Tina & Asa. Both Asa & Larry are running back & forth Looking for Vicki & Clint, but they are found and Vicki is arrested. Vicki begs Tina to help her prove her innocents but Tina walks out on Vicki and Vicki attacks her. (DUMB Tina actually does think Niki is present and pretending to be Vicki again).  
That was a detail description of the 1 DVD you will receive if you win this auction. This DVD has scene selection and looks wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You