Item Description

Hello OLTL Fans,   

                       This item contains a set of 2 wonderfully edited and created DVD's from the 1985-86 Niki Smith Returns storyline. The collage above has a picture of the DVD's and snap shot pictures of the scenes & characters that are in the DVD's.

Scenes in DVD 4 (Length 2hr 33min.):  

Tina takes the stand and convinces Vicki to take the stand. Vicki takes the stand. Lawyer   Pete O’Neil badgers Vicki and Clint fights him in the court room and Niki Smith emerges. Niki reveals everything that Mitch did the night he killed Harry and Tina was cleared of all charges. Dr. Polk, Jenny and Clint brings Niki back to Llanfair. Clint tries to get Niki to feel at home and she’s so tense. Niki escapes Llanfair and runs to the Backstreet Bar where she talks to Clover. Larry & Clint finds Niki and Clovers corner her from running again. Mitch at airport in disguise, kidnapps Tina and they go on the run together. Niki & Clint goes to Bo’s party together (Also in the scenes are Bo, Tina, Bobby Blue, Didi, Delila, Rafe, Mimi, Tracy and a few others). At Llanfair, Vicki talks to Niki through the mirror and Niki packs up and leaves.

Scenes in DVD 5 (Length 3hrs 9min.):

Niki see’s Clint & Tina in bed and later is kidnapped by Stick and he hold her hostage at Elmo’s. Clint wakes up in bed with Tina and can’t remember what happened the night before and regrets it. Tina tries to convince Clint they did sleep together. Stick calls Llanfair and gives Clint Vicki/Niki’s ransom. Clint tries to rescue Vicki/Niki on Llantano Mountain but Stick gets the best of him and Bo & Rafe comes to the rescue. Clint commits Niki to Mountain View, where Niki meets a friend. Clint devises a plan and uses Tina to make Niki snap back into Vicki and it works. Vicki & Clint is reunited and spends time together in bed, on the beach and plans to remarry. Bobby Blue (BLAIR UNDERWOOD) goes to Llanfair and meets Vicki. But Tina’s out to get Vicki and tries to convince everyone including Dr. Polk & Lt. Ed Hall that Niki is pretending to be Vicki.

That was a detail description of the 2 DVD’s you will receive if you win this auction. The 2 DVD’s have scene selection in them and look wonderful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank You