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Starring: Robert Englund, Jack Coleman, Lindsay
Fay was a distraught woman and Frank a night watchman
attacked by thugs who were then drawn inexplicably to an empty,
waterfront cafe. Its lights glowed brightly in the night, but its
only inhabitant was the gleefully cynical, enigmatic Blackie. Once
inside Fay and Frank realized they had both been killed but now had
the chance to stick around and help others who were about to make
major mistakes in their lives--with the help of this strange cafe,
where the TV showed the past and future and the doors led to other
places and times.
Overall Set Quality (scale of 1-10): 7.5
Nightmare Cafe
Dying Well is the Best Revenge
Fay & Ivy
The Heart of the Mystery
Sanctuary for a Child
Aliens Ate My Lunch
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