Item Description
PRODUCT: Our titles are region-free DVD-Rs, and are NOT factory discs. Newer DVD players will play these fine. If you have an older DVD player, make sure it can play DVD-Rs. We test each disc before it goes out, so if a title doesn't play for you, we can only offer a replacement of the same title. These titles are all import or public domain and do not have current US copyrights. Make sure your DVD player is capable of playing NTSC and PAL formats and all codecs, including but not limited to Avi, DIVX, XVID. We do NOT offer refunds for player incompatability.

Each disc we ship has been tested and works fine in our player and in the computer. We will not ship out defective discs, so if it doesn’t play in your player, it means your player does not handle the specific codec. We recommend having a recent DVD player with all the updates to be able to properly play DVD-Rs.

Thank you!

Please feel free to ask questions about quality, language, dubbing, subtitles, etc. Descriptions for all the movies can be found on IMDB.

The price includes the movie on high-quality DVD-R media in a new white paper window sleeve. If you want a black DVD case with full-color artwork, let us know and we'll add another $2.00 to the price, including shipping.

We ship out every 3 days. If you ARE in the US, shipping is FREE! If you are NOT in the USA, shipping is an extra $3.00.