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Belle and Sebastian

Format: DVD (Includes case, cover art, insert)
Language: English
Number of Episodes: 52
Number of Discs: 8
Audio/Video Quality: 9.5 out of 10

: $49

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About the Show

Sebastian, a young boy living near the Pyrenees Mountains in France, has never had a good friend. The children in town taunt him because he was raised by his adoptive grandfather and never knew his real mother. But one day, Sebastian meets a large white Pyrenees dog who escaped into the countryside. Everyone calls the dog "The White Monster," accusing her of terrible crimes. Only Sebastian knows that she is innocent. Awed by her gentle nature and beauty, he befriends her and names her Belle. But it isn't long before Belle has nowhere left to hide, and Sebastian makes a difficult decision. Resolving to do everything he can to protect his new friend, he evades the police by crossing the Spanish border with Belle and his little dog Poochie. Together, the three friends set off on their journey, vowing to travel as far and wide as it takes to elude those who seek to capture Belle, and to find Sebastian's long-lost mother.

Belle and Sebastian, based on Cécile Aubry's popular children's book series, first appeared on television as a live action series in France. A fifty-two-episode animated series was made for Japanese television in 1981, with the English dub airing on Nickelodeon from 1984-1990. The tale comprises a linear storyline, wonderful characters and animation, and a gorgeous soundtrack that will delight children and adults alike.


Voice Cast:

Sebastian - ?
Grandfather Cecil - ?
Anne-Marie - Jane Woods
Inspector Garcia - ?
Isabel - ?
Sarah - ?
Narrator - ?


Created by: Cécile Aubry
Producers: Katoo Yoshio, Hosoda Nobuaki
Chief Director: Hayakawa Kenji
Character Designs: Seki Shuuichi
Animation Directors: Iida Kazuo, Momose Yoshiyuki, Kondoo Yuuichi, Kosoko
Yoshishige, Saijoo Takashi, Kitajima Nobuyuki, Takahashi Shigesuke, Tanaka
Tooru, Hirayama Nobuo, Nozaki Tsunenaka, Tsuji Shin'ichi
Music: Komori Akihiro
Layout Designs: Nishi Yoshikuni
Written by: Kahiwakura Toshiyuki, Yoshikawa Yooji, Majima Mitsuru

Produced By MK Company
& Visual 80
With Toho Co. Ltd.

© MK Company, 1980


About the DVDs

Belle and Sebastian is available in a complete set of eight DVDs containing all fifty-two episodes from the cartoon series plus bonus material available from this web site only. Each DVD has menus with sound for easy selection of episodes, which have been conveniently put into chronological order. It also includes a professional DVD case featuring quality custom cover art and an episode list insert. Belle and Sebastian is available for the very first time on DVD from The Stuff I Like Site only.
This set comes on DVD-R, which will play on almost all DVD players as well as a computer with a DVD-ROM drive and appropriate DVD-viewing software. I use only genuine top quality DVD-R media from Verbatim, and occasionally Sony or TDK, for maximum quality and compatibility.

The quality is a breathtaking nine-and-a-half out of ten (see the screen captures below for examples). The video comes straight from official French DVD sources, and the English audio is clear and crisp. This is the highest quality and only complete set available; a nearly commercial quality set. Though I previously offered a set created from VHS sources (the first Belle and Sebastian DVDs ever made), my new set has been completely redone as described in the updates below. The process of its creation has taken me almost four years to complete, and as Belle and Sebastian is personally a deeply cherished series to me, I have spared no effort to make this set, unquestionably, the definitive Belle and Sebastian set in existence. To date, I've seen a couple other Belle and Sebastian DVD collections pop up on other sites, both coming from degraded VHS sources and neither of them actually containing all 52 episodes, despite one of them claiming to. Upon purchasing that set to have a look, I found that the creator covered up a missing episode with a repeat of an episode that takes place later in the series. Not only that, but I have seen sellers charge up to three times more than I do for their incomplete sets. My set remains the first of its kind, is the highest quality by leaps and bounds, offers exclusive content unavailable elsewhere, and is the most economical and only complete Belle and Sebastian collection out there, no guesswork required.


Screen Captures

These are actual examples of the video quality, from every quality range in the set. They have only been sized down and slightly compressed to save bandwidth, and are otherwise unmodified from the source.



11/24/09: As of this date, I am extremely proud to announce that my Belle and Sebastian set has been COMPLETELY updated after almost four years of continual work. A great deal of love and toil has gone into the making of this set, and I have improved it so thoroughly that not one single aspect of my old set remains. The result is a brand new, near commercial-quality product, using official French DVD sources for the video, and new high-quality English audio which I have painstakingly resynced to match the beautiful new video. The more muffled audio from my old set is now clear and crisp, and here is an example of how dramatically the video quality has improved:

  To perfectly recreate the English dubbed version just as viewers remember watching it, I have edited the French version as follows:
Recreated the English episode title screens near the beginning of each episode just as they originally looked, to replace the French episode title screens.
Recreated the closing screen at the very end of each episode, whereas the French episodes ended abruptly without one.
Recreated the English version of the opening theme song, taking the clips used for it throughout the series, editing them together, and re-adding the series title and credit text just as it originally looked.
Removed clips of French video that were originally deleted in the English dubbed version so that the English audio corresponds correctly with the French video.

Not available in my previous set, I have added new material to my updated set:

   As bonus material, I have included some of the deleted scenes that are present in the uncut French version, but were taken out of the English dub either for time or for content. Most removed scenes are extremely minor, unnoticeable, and inconsequential. For example, English dub staff would remove part of a long pan of some scenery, other minor scenery shots, small portions of unessential dialogue, or similar scenes that are unimportant to the storyline. There were a few cuts per episode, each cut typically being a few seconds long. However, I have saved and included in this set deleted scenes of particular interest because they were either removed for inappropriate content or they elaborate on events in the story.
As bonus material, I have included the original French and Japanese opening and ending themes. In the case of the French opening theme, I have also included a version subtitled with French karaoke and my own English translation of the French Lyrics.
In my previous set, a handful of episodes were missing a small amount of footage either at the beginning or end of the episode. This was simply due to my sources being old home recordings on VHS, and the episodes not being fully recorded when they aired on TV. In my new set, I have restored all missing footage to its proper location for a 100% complete set. Because I am still unable to find English audio to correspond with this footage, French audio with professionally translated English subtitles have been used for these small portions. There is a total of about 2 minutes and 21 seconds of French dialogue with English subtitles throughout the entire series, present in the following episodes either at the beginning or end of the episode: 6 (beginning), 7 (end), 15 (beginning), 18 (beginning), 36 (end), 38 (beginning), and 44 (beginning).

The following improvements have been made to the presentation of this DVD set:

   I have created brand new, three-tiered menus with high-quality artwork. They have been professionally laid out to the best of my ability for aesthetics and ease of use. The main menu includes a "play all" button, "episode selection" button, and "bonus material" button. The episode selection menu includes a video thumbnail to represent each selectable episode, and the bonus material includes similar thumbnails as well as text explanations of each deleted scene present. Every menu throughout all 8 discs has unique artwork and each selection its own menu button, for a total of 24 different menus and 73 unique menu buttons.
In addition, each menu plays a unique piece of music from Belle and Sebastian's superb and memorable soundtrack, which I collected straight from the episodes as I went through the series. I have even been able to recreate some pieces in their entirety, without the character dialogue in the foreground, by meticulously searching out every instance a certain piece plays in the series and editing all of the clips together to remove sounds other than the music.
The distribution of the episodes on each disc has been tweaked, so that season one (episodes 1-26) fits evenly on the first four discs, and season two (episodes 27-52) fits on the last four.
The episode list insert has been updated to reflect the redistribution of episodes and the presence of bonus material on each disc.
The DVD cover art has been completely redone, including higher quality artwork and a more professional layout than my previous cover art. I have tried to make this case indistinguishable from what a professional commercial product would look like (except for the lack of barcode!) so that anyone would be proud to display it in their DVD collection.

What the Set Includes:

Disc One
1 Belle Meets Sebastian
2 The Hunt for Belle
3 A Night in the Mountains
4 The Journey Begins
5 Escaping Smugglers
6 A Visit to Jail
7 Meeting Sarah
BONUS: Deleted Scenes
Disc Two
8 A Promise to Sarah
9 Farewell to Sarah
10 The Case of the Missing Sheep
11 Puppy Love
12 Operation Substitute
13 The Runaway Car
14 An Act of Bravery
BONUS: Theme Songs
Disc Three
15 Billy the Kid Bank Robber
16 The Old Man by the Sea
17 Phantoms on a Ship
18 Smuggled on Board
19 The Secret of the Castle Ghost
20 The Ghost's Revenge
BONUS: Deleted Scenes
Disc Four
21 Kidnapped
22 Chased by the Desperados
23 Mistaken Identities
24 Double Crossed
25 Meeting at the Mountain
26 Isabel's Scarf
BONUS: Deleted Scenes
Disc Five
27 Three Sisters
28 Building a New Home
29 Belle and Sebastian are Separated
30 It's A Boy!
31 Reunited at Last
32 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
33 Sebastian Loses His Best Friend
BONUS: Deleted Scenes
Disc Six
34 Come Back to Me!
35 One Mistake After Another
36 Poisoned!
37 The Big Sleep
38 Mom Didn't Forget Me
39 Don't Drink the Water
40 Belle is Captured
BONUS: Deleted Scenes
Disc Seven
41 Help! Save Belle
42 Make New Friends and Keep the Old
43 On a Train Bound for Battle
44 The Underground Railroad
45 A Kind Inspector Garcia
46 Climbing a Wall of Stone
BONUS: Deleted Scenes
Disc Eight
47 A Storm Brews
48 A Snowy Reunion
49 The Devil's Corridor
50 Belle Risks Her Life
51 Mom Makes Up Her Mind
52 A Happy Ending
BONUS: Deleted Scenes


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