Item Description
Nicholas (Nick) Lea stars as an investigator who
looks into a case of a botched up police investigation
involving a serial killer who should have been imprisoned the first
time but is still out on the loose.  Based on a real life
Canadian story.
Nominated for Canadian tv award for Best
Performance by an Actor in  leading role (Nick Lea) and for
Best Direction.  And also won for Writing Category in the
Writers Guild of Canada award in 2004.
Very good audio and video quality presented on
DVD with running time of approximately 1.5 hours. Disc is
formatted for Region 1 (North America: USA & Canada) but is
playable on most computer DVD players worldwide. Please note: movie has not been released officially.

Payment:  PayPal preferred or international money order
or well-concealed cash in US funds.

Shipping:  $5 (North America) or $8 (overseas).