Item Description

Release 3.1+.  1-2-3 for DOS 3.1+ now includes a file-viewing feature for quick finding and viewing the contents of spreadsheet files located on disk and spreadsheet auditing capabilities. 

In addition, 1-2-3 for DOS 3.1+ offers the additional capabilities of 3D multi-page worksheets for organizing, consolidating and analyzing spreadsheet information; an advanced database with access to external data via DataLens; extended, expanded and virtual memory support for building larger spreadsheets (up to 64 megabytes).

Features unique to the new Government Edition include spreadsheet file translation capabilities for Multiplan version 4.0, Enable version 2.0, and SuperCalc version 4.0, enabling government users who work with different spreadsheet programs to easily exchange information with 1-2-3.  Also included is Sideways, an add-in product from Funk Software that allows 1-2-3 users to print wide reports on dot matrix printers, and a DataLens Driver that provides direct access to information residing on Microsoft SQL Server databases.

System Requirements:
IBM PC AT and Lotus certified compatibles, including most IBM PS/2 and Compaq models
Hard disk with 5MB available
EGA, VGA, high resolution CGA or Hercules graphics adapter for WYSIWYG display
DOS 3.0 and higher, and Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, & Windows 95, 1MB of available system RAM