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New Terk TV50 Powered Outdoor/Indoor TV Antenna

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Brand new in carton. Terk TV50 powered outdoor/indoor television antenna. High bidder to pay $22.00 for insured shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. Will accept money orders or PayPal. Thanks for your interest!
* Amplifier gain: 11dB typical (switchable)
* Output impedance: 75 Ohm
* Dimensions: 76" H x 2 1/2" W x 1 1/4" D
* MSRP: $129.99
TV 50
The TV50 indoor/outdoor amplified antenna provides exceptional VHF and UHF reception. The TV50's patented horizontally polarized, half-wavelength antenna element efficiently captures analog TV signals and minimizes multipath distortion for clear, crisp picture quality. The TV50's slim-profile design allows easy mounting under a windowsill, on a rooftop, in an attic, on a wall or in any number of locations inside or outside a home.
The TV50 comes with a One-Wire Solution™ kit that includes duplexers, cables and weatherproof stainless steel connectors, for easy integration with satellite systems. The kit combines local and satellite signals into a single RG6 coaxial cable-eliminating the need to run an extra wire from the dish to the home.
* Dual-mode amplifier allows a choice of best gain setting-high-gain for weak signals or bypass mode for optimum reception of strong signals
* Ultra-durable weatherproof housing
* Includes "F" connector for connection to RG6 cable
* Multiple mounting options with all mounting hardware included
* Optional Mast Mount Kit available
* Accessories included: (1) power injector (to supply power to antenna amplifier), One-Wire Solution™ kit
Can the TV50 be mounted on my van, RV or car?No it is intended for home use only.
Can I split the signal from the TV50 to two TVs?Yes, the TV50 can deliver a usable signal to more than one TV.
Do I have to use the supplied diplexers, or can I use a splitter I have already in line?You have to use the supplied diplexers. In addition to their combining and splitting functions, the supplied diplexers are designed to pass a DC signal, which is needed to power the dish and the antenna. A standard splitter will not pass DC and will not work properly with the TV50 and a satellite system.
My house is already wired from my old cable TV installation--can I use the TV50 with the existing wiring?Yes, as long as the cable is the RG6 type. Check to make sure this is what you have--the jacket of the cable should be labeled "RG6." RG59, another type of connecting cable, is not shielded properly and its use would result in signal loss and too much interference.
Can I get FM signals along with TV reception?In most locations you will receive FM as well as TV signals with the TV50. However, you may get more interference in the FM signal, because the TV signal bandwidth is wider than the FM signal bandwidth.
One side of the TV50 I bought is bent. Is this normal or is ibrokeTV0 should beerfectly straight. If it is bent, it has been damaged and should be returned to the place of purchase.
What is the gain of the TV50's built-in amplifier?The TV50's amplifier gain is 11dB. It can either be switched on or bypassed for best reception of weaker/distant, or closer/stronger stations.
Will the TV50 work when connected to a Channel Plus box? Yes--both are completely compatible.
Will the TV50 pull in stations from 70 miles away?Probably not. The TV50 is designed to receive TV stations up to 50 miles away. Actual reception will be dependent upon weather, geography, type and location of surrounding buildings and other factors.
Will the TV50 pull in a UHF station located 15 miles away?Yes it will. However, because you are so close to the station, you may actually receive too strong a signal. A signal that is too strong will cause "ghosting" (multiple images) or diagonal lines moving across your TV screen.
Will the TV50 work if oriented vertically?It might. Depending upon your location and reception environment, you may get a good signal with the TV50 placed vertically. However, because the TV50 is horizontally polarized, it should work better when positioned horizontally.
Can I use an additional amplifier to further boost the signal?We do not recommend using an additional amplifier, as it can cause damage to the TV50.
When I hook up the antenna to through my VCR, why can't I record programs?More then likely the connections from the TV50 to the VCR have been made incorrectly. Make sure that the "line out" cable coming from your antenna goes to the "line in" connector on your VCR. Then make sure that the Antenna/CATV option of your VCR is set to "antenna" and not to "CATV." These options can usually be found in the setup menu of your VCR, or there may be a switch on the back of the VCR.
My house is made of stucco. Why won't my antenna work?Many building materials can cause a degradation in picture quality by reducing or preventing TV signals from reaching your antenna. Materials like metal and stone have the biggest effect, and actually block the signal from coming in to your house and reaching your antenna. If your house is constructed utilizing stucco, brick, aluminum, or similar materials, we recommend mounting your antenna outside the home and away from any metallic or stone materials.
The Power Injector gets very hot. Is this a cause for concern?No. The Power Injector gets quite warm to the touch during normal operation, but there is no danger of fire or other problems. In fact, any item that conducts electricity will tend to get hot when in use.
How many TVs can I split the TV50's signal to?The signal from the TV50 can be split to two TVs. If you route the signal to three or more TVs, there will be a degradation in picture and sound quality. When a signal is split, the total signal to each TV is reduced, and if the signal falls below a certain level reception will suffer.
Can I use different cable than the cable supplied with the antenna?Yes, as long as the cable is the RG6 type. Check to make sure this is what you have--the jacket of the cable should be labeled "RG6." RG59, another type of connecting cable, is not shielded properly and its use would result in signal loss and too much interference.
I have the antenna hooked up properly, but I am not receiving the higher channels. Check to make sure that your TV is set to the "Antenna" input option in the set up menu and the not the "CATV" option. Most newer TVs have an option in the on-screen menu that lets you switch between the two.
Can I paint the TV50? I have it mounted in my living room and it doesn't match the colors.Yes, the TV50 is paintable. Just make sure not to use lead-based paint as it will cause signal loss.
Can I connect the TV50 through my VCR and other similar components?Yes, you can connect the TV50 through a VCR and through a chain of multiple components. However, be aware that a minute amount of signal loss occurs when a signal passes through multiple devices.


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