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Fan Produced Star Trek USS Enterprise Command Bridge Operations Manual CD

Every button on every station of the first movie refit Bridge

132 pages  -  121 new color graphics

What is for sale: A new, fan produced technical manual showing every button and monitor found on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise as seen in the First movie (the Bridge was changed slightly for Wrath of Khan). The manual is accessed through your Internet Browser, you do not need to be connected to the internet, it's all on the disc.

How this manual was developed : Around 1994 I had developed the original Bridge Operations Manual, it was 130 pages of pen & ink renderings and text. I had been offering that manual on eBay for several years but I thought it was time for an update. The new CD contains all new color images and an interactive menu that lets you browse around from station to station. When I was researching this manual there were three valuable sources of information; A VHS copy of the movie proved helpful for general layout. The paperback photonovel of the movie contained excellent still shots of many control surfaces. I also had access to the set designer blueprints. These blueprints were given to the actors to familiarize themselves with controls to add believability. These set designer blueprints were not accurate, there must have been many changes between pre-production and construction.

A little bit about the CD : This CD autoloads and takes you to a page that gives simple instructions on various page functions. You would generally start with the plan-view of the Command Deck. From there you would choose a Bridge station. From the Bridge Station detail you would choose a panel or display, which would take you to another page showing more detail and instructions .

Bonus: The CD also includes a sub-menu and access to all 130 page scans from the original paper edition of the Bridge Manual.

Beware of counterfeit blueprints and manuals from mail-order houses and conventions: The main reason I got out of the illustration business in the 1980's was because of the massive amounts of cheap copies and frauds being sold by certain individuals and mail-order houses. Be especially wary of anything offered by Starlog Magazine - they used to have a store in the Mall Of America. I visited their store and found cheap knock-off's of many of my blueprints for sale. If you ever see this CD for sale at a convention beware, because I have never sold this CD either at conventions, or to individuals who sell at conventions.

CD will be shipped well protected by priority mail.

I hope you enjoy this item. Good luck.

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