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Brand Blue Stone Commerce
Product type Chew Resistant Package
Estimated Shipping 5 - 10 Days
Item Description
Single-Level Guinea Pig
Cage Chew-Resist Upgrade Pack
Includes hard-plastic
edging on all Coroplast bins
Chew-resist hard-plastic
edging comes to you fully installed on the bins
Available for all
BlueStoneCommerce cages.
This auction is for
chew-resist upgrade only. Guinea pig cage is
not included.
When purchased with one of our cages - we pay the

Do you need the chew-resist upgrade? Honestly? Most people
The vast majority of
Guinea Pigs will
not chew up the plastic bins. (This has also been our
experience with our own guinea pigs.) Many pigs never chew at all
and some pigs chew a little bit early on just to test their new
surroundings. They put everything in their mouths to test it - just
like human babies. Usually after a few nibbles, they discover that
corrugated plastic isn't so good to eat, and they leave it alone
from that day forward.
In fact, this corrugated
plastic material was originally applied to cage designs years ago
by a guinea pig rescue organization as a way of housing numerous
pigs in a cost-effective manner. And with the number of pigs they
handle, I'm sure you realize they could not afford to chose a
material that was perpetually being destroyed.
Our personal experience
has been that only a little less than 1% of our customers contact
us because their pigs have chewed up the bin. So odds are in your
Think of this chew-resist
package as insurance. Chances are we won't get seriously ill or die
tomorrow. But we still are willing to pay a little money* to carry
health and life insurance to avoid much bigger potential expenses
in the future. In the same manner, you can protect your significant
investment in this cage by spending a few extra dollars to make it
chew-resistant today.
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Buy this chew-resist upgrade
*Who am I kidding? Today, health insurance is a lot of
chew-resist package is available only as an upgrade to
BlueStoneCommerce cages and
must be ordered in conjunction with a
single-level cage
. The chew-resist edging in this listing comes to you
installed on the corrugated plastic bin of the purchased
Do you
need a
upgrade for a multi-level cage? Check out our Store for
the information and price.
Others have only enough faith in their items to offer a 7-day
return policy
We are so confident that you and your pig(s)
will fall in love with this product that we are willing to offer
what most others will not dare:
No-Strings-Attached 30-DAY Money Back
Guarantee/Return Policy.
gladly accepted if not completely satisfied. Items may be returned
within 30 days of receipt - provided they are returned in the
original, new, unused condition. We will refund purchase price
only. All of the original shipping and handling fees as well as the
return shipping fees are the buyer's responsibility.
email BlueStoneCommerce with any questions or concerns.
BlueStoneCommerce will answer all questions as quickly as possible.
We appreciate your business and always strive to give our customers
the best possible service and product!
Accepts PayPal, Google Checkout and Money Orders.

BlueStoneCommerce policy requires payment within 7
days of auction closing.
Shipping to U.S. and Canada only.

This upgrade ships with your BlueStoneCommerce

The item will be shipped with your cage by
UPS Ground within two business days after receipt of cleared
payment. It will be shipped to your confirmed Shipping
address. Shipping is Monday thru Friday via UPS Ground. At the time
of shipment, we will email the UPS tracking number.
Important word about shipping costs:
who’s done business online knows that one of the biggest
frustrations can be paying the dreaded shipping and handling costs.
We here at BlueStoneCommerce use UPS Ground for all of our cage
deliveries. It is the absolute cheapest service that we have found
so far (and very reliable).
Fact is, you get a lot of cage for the money at
BluestoneCommerce, but (especially with rising gas prices) it still
costs money to ship a heavy rugged steel object from Detroit to
Zortman, Montana. Additionally, because of the large corrugated
plastic sheet, UPS charges a premium for an oversize package
We make our money designing and selling cages (the fun part
of our job). We don’t make money on shipping and handling
(the boring part of our job). You pay only what it costs us to ship
this cage direct to your door.
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