Item Description
New quality goods Antiuv summer motorcycle helmet
1. LShelmet is win international authentication most company!
2. The top helmet body composite materials. Strong resistance to fall than general helmet strong performance of several times!
3. The rain effect. And can adjust at vents. Cool and relaxed. Switch freely.!
4. Buffer layer using water brand high-density foam. Safety performance is high!
5. Dry and comfortable internal structure, after health treatment deodorant antibacterial absorb sweat!
6. Lens lengthened version 16.2 CM. And anti-scrape. The radiation. Uv. Clear wear-resisting. No fragments
7. Type helmet cool unique. Lead the fashion trend pie. With delicate do manual work
8. Lining is perfectly unpick and wash.
9. Match the original helmet bag
10. circumference:L (appropriate 55-59 CM) XL (appropriate 60-62 CM)