Item Information
Design New Bamboo Design
Material Porcelain
Shipping Free Shipping
Estimated Shipping 15 - 20 Days
Item Description
Name: Tattoo power supply
Model: TP-005
Design : Plum , Orchid, Bamboo , Chrysanthemum
Material : Porcelain
Input Voltage:100V-240V. 50/60Hz,1.0Amp
Output Voltage:0-18V.2.0Amps.
Weight: 30grams (net weigh for power supply only)
Color: Plum, Bamboo, Orchid, Chrysanthemum
Packing: Power supply+ plug+foot pedal+ clip cord
Power cord of two pins available for US,AU,EURO.

1. Each machine come with one pcs of adapter and power plug.
2. Size is as small as matchbox.
3. Especial match with porcelain tattoo machines.