Item Description
Colors to choose from include:Onyx (black)Amethyst (purple/violet)Cobalt (Blue)Please email me to make sure your color choice is in stock or with any other questions or discounted buy now offers via PayPal only at the address below.If your color choice is on hand it will ship out immediately, otherwise it will ship within a few days! (instant . satisfaction) (yahoo . com) I accept PayPal only! Your Brand New Pax Includes:
1x Pax Unit
1x Charger Dock Station
1x Pax Screen
1x Mouthpiece
1x Pax Lid
5x Pipe Cleaners
5x Cleaning Wipes
Pax Instruction Manual
***Free Bonus Premium Grinder Gift while supplies last*** (Please email me for details) (instant . satisfaction) (yahoo . com)
Ploom Pax Features
Extremely Portable
Durable Alum. Construction
Motion Sensing Shut-off
Three Temperature Settings
10 Year Warranty offered by Ploom

Small enough to fit in almost any pocket. Pax heats, never burns your tobacco/herb, releasing a delicious, satisfying vapor. It's the world's most pocketable, premium loose-leaf vaporizer. Pax is a Revolutionary new vaporizer that seamlessly blends quality, luxury, and portability.The Internal Battery is a high quality Lithium-Ion Battery, the same as those used in most modern cellphones, and other portable devices that have a large energy requirement. Pax plugs easily into its docking station (yes, we said docking station!) and recharges to full capacity in less than two hours. A charged battery has enough power to last for several days of use, depending on volume.The battery can also be replaced by Ploom's technical team if ever a battery problem should arise. I am also willing to assist in sending the product back to Ploom for any legitimate warranty issues.Pax has a sleek unibody construction that is durable Stainless Steel, with seamless laser-welded edges and a laser-sealed vapor path for superior cleanliness and flavor. The body is resistant to dust, dirt, moisture, and shock by nature, but like any other battery powered device, Pax should be handled with care for a long life, and a gorgeous scuff free exterior.Pax has three temperature settings and a versatile indicator light that unifies heater status, set temperature, and On/Off indications into one simple display. It also features a retractable mouthpiece for improved hygenics during transportation.The oven chamber cover slides open with the touch of a finger, and features a stainless steel screen / heater plate that channels convection heated vapors through the heating chamber and into the mouhpiece.Pax is set to revolutionize the way we think about vaporizers by simplifying and expediting the process. Take this sleek and beautiful device anywhere you travel in a pocket or purse, and prepare to rethink the power of vaporization.Pax fits your lifestyle as well as it fits your hand, with advanced features like an internal rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, Laser-welded Stainless Steel Uni-body, three temperature settings for awesome versatility. The included Docking Station makes charging a cinch, with about 1 hour of charge time for 2 hours of usage time. A 2 hour charge typically lasts the casual Pax user up to a week. The Retractable Mouthpiece adds hygenie and doubles as an On / Off switch, just depress the mouthpiece to pop it out, which also simultaneously activates Pax. Download the Pax by Ploom Instruction Manual and Guide.Life gets a bit simpler with Pax on your side. Say good night to lengthy heat up times and pesky external components.Pick up your Pax, toss it in your pocket, and get on with life.Posted with