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Is Your Unfortunate Little Piggy Currently Living in a Cage
That's Obviously
Too Small and
Cramped? Or Maybe...
You just got a new pig, and you just know you would Feel
Guilty squeezing it into one of those little pet store
As pet owners and lovers, We
exactly how you feel.
This cage boast a spacious
1066 sq. in. of living space and tons of
features to make your life easier too!!!
Brand New 3-Level 14X42X42
Space-Saver, Thin-Profile Guinea Pig
Cage constructed of rust-proof plastic-coated metal grids
and two durable corrugated plastic bins. Complete with three
storage bays.
"The Tower"
Guinea Pig Cage
3 Levels; Fully Enclosed with Storage
"The Safe, Healthy and Comfortable Home
for Your Guinea Pig(s)"
Picture your pigs in this cage. You'll feel great and so
will they.
And doesn't that sound wonderful?
And...Before we tell you about our
free bonus, let us tell you about our cage...
This spacious, easy-to-clean
BlueStoneCommerce cage offers

much more living space than a standard pet store
And, at
only 14" deep


it hugs the wall
. Even if you have little space, this cage will still fit
on a narrow ledge, low shelf or a constricted space on the
floor. (Maybe there's a spot in the hallway or in the kid's
This sleek design does for cages
what the flat-screen did for TV's.
Our cage provides safety, roominess and
comfort, and that adds up to a
healthy safe environment for your pigs. And
wouldn't you like to have
happier and healthier guinea pigs?
Our cages are
durable and sturdy - and to insure a long cage
we use tie-wraps (cable / zip ties) in the
construction of all our cages rather than standard plastic
press-fit connectors (if they "just push on", they can "just pull
off")... or worse yet, harsh industrial-use metal fasteners that
have the capacity to snap off a tooth or nail or lacerate tender
Why pay high retail prices for a tiny pet store cage
you can Buy This Cage Right Now and get
a roomy and spacious area for your guinea pigs to live and
the perfect environment that will improve their health and
well-being and make your life easier and more pleasant? "A Lot of
Cage for the Money".
Here is what people just like yourself are saying about us
and our cages:
View our feedback - you can find each
of the above comments there.
The sooner
you use the Buy-It-Now option, the
sooner you and your pig(s) can begin enjoying the following
A Comfortable and Safe Environment, and a
large 41"x14" main living area for your guinea pig to
live and exercise (which leads to healthier pigs).
Plastic-coated metal grids provide
superior air circulation and they never rust.
Durable, washable and smooth
corrugated plastic bins. This means no worries about injury to
pets' feet or legs from walking on hazardous metal bars (like
wire-bottom cages).
Five-inch high walls on mid-level and
three-inch high walls on top (observation) level.
Exclusive use of tie-wrap connectors instead
of standard press-on plastic connectors or harsh industrial-use
metal fasteners. Insures a sturdy cage that will never come apart.
Tie wraps rated at 50 lbs. tensile strength. (How
insecure would
you feel if the walls of
your house were just pressed together?).
Large openings,
fold-down flaps, and removable bins make this cage easy-to-clean
and maintain.
Water Bottles, Hay Racks and other accessories
can be conveniently attached anywhere on the side of the
Includes New attractive and
Higher Traction
CoroTract Corrugated Plastic
Ramp for traveling between levels (and this unique design
has no metal bars to trap or injure your pig's legs or feet). Also
includes a
very rare feature: a safety wall around opening at
top of ramp. The high-quality,hand-crafted ramp comes to you
High-quality, step-by-step,
easy-to-follow instruction manual complete with photos,
illustrations and detailed assembly instructions. Makes assembly a
snap - even if you've never built anything before. We show you
precisely where to place each grid, each tie wrap, and each piece
of tape. Below are just a couple of sample pages:
All of our cages and assembly manuals have
been designed by an engineer with nearly 30 years of industry
Elevated levels so you can clean your
piggies' cage without getting a sore back or sore knees bending
over too much or reaching excessively.
Storage bays to store your pet supplies,
food, hay, treats, cage cleaning supplies, and other pet
necessities... Right with your pets...
Right at hand...
Right where you need them.
Special Feature: Convienient storage bins
keep supplies close by-
Perfect for food, hay, cleaning supplies and other pet
To drastically reduce shipping charges and
purchase price, our cage comes to you in kit form. The
BluestoneCommerce Compact Pig Pen Kit Includes:
39 black durable
plastic-finish 14"x 14" steel wire grids.
Two (2) 4mm thick black
corrugated plastic sheets. Pre-cut and scored - ready to assemble.
Note: The corrugated plastic sheets are scored and folded for
shipping purposes. This will not affect the function of the
corrugated plastic bottom.
One (1) attractive
hand-crafted, pre-assembed,

corrugated plastic ramp.
Enough black tie wraps to assemble your cage
kit plus extras for mistakes or spares
Enough Closure Security Clips to secure all
closures (doors, gates, etc).
1 assembly manual provided to you in Adobe PDF
After you win the auction, your
kit will contain everything you need to assemble it, except
packing tape and some ordinary household tools needed for
Check out our Store to order the Chew-Resistant Upgrade
After you Purchased your Cage Kit:
BluestoneCommerce accepts Paypal,
Google Checkout and Money Orders.
BluestoneCommerce policy requires
payment within 7 days of auction closing.
Shipping to U.S. and Canada only. The item will be shipped
by UPS Ground within two business days after receipt of cleared
payment. It will be shipped to your confirmed Shipping
address. Shipping is Monday thru Friday via UPS Ground. At the time
of shipment, we will email the UPS tracking number.
Use the provided Shipping calculator to determine
shipping costs to your address.
An Important word about shipping costs:
who's done business online knows that one of the biggest
frustrations can be paying the dreaded shipping and handling costs.
We here at BlueStoneCommerce use UPS Ground for all of our cage
deliveries. It is the

absolute cheapest service
that we have found so far (and
very reliable).
Fact is, you get a
lot of cage for the money at BluestoneCommerce, but
(especially with rising gas prices) it still costs money to ship a
steel object from Detroit to Zortman, Montana. Additionally,
because of the large corrugated plastic sheet, UPS charges a
premium for an oversize package.
We make our money designing and selling cages (the fun part
of our job).
don't make money on shipping and handling
(the boring part of our job).
You pay only what it costs us to ship this cage
direct to your door.
Most others have
only enough faith in their cages to offer a 7-day return
We are so confident that you and your pig(s) will
fall in love with this cage that we are willing to do
what most others will not dare: Offer you our...
No-Strings-Attached 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee /
Return Policy:
Returns gladly accepted if not completely satisfied. Cages
may be returned within 30 days of receipt - provided they are
returned in the original, new, unused condition. We will refund
purchase price only. All of the original shipping and handling fees
as well as the return shipping fees are the buyer's
Please email
with any questions or concerns.
will answer all questions as quickly as
We appreciate your business and always strive
to give our customers the best possible service!
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