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30 (32 really!) Transformers G1 Autobot decals in one sheet

Ship from CT USA, NOT oversea, not Japan!, check feedback to see how fast! Overnight is very low!! only 1c for 2nd one and on and no limit (even you buy 100, still 1c overnight shipping)...

Ok, this is not your average Transformers sticker, this sticker is used for Takara Co. LTD Transformers toys, all the TFS fans knew Takara, the creater and originator of Transformers, which was later on further developed by Hasbro company. Takara remain the world largest Transformer G1 Toys! and this sticker is the sticker that used in their toy lines of Transformers!!

This sheet has 30 transformers G1 Autobot logos, PLUS 2 more sticker with 2 more Autobot logos, one of them is in Japanese and one read "THE TRANSFORMERS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!"

What's so special about these 32 stickers?  Read on! they are as small as one quarter of an inch, yes, that is 1/4 of an inch (10 of them this size)!! you could vertually apply them anywhere you want, the steering wheel, pencil box, the wallet, your pc, the keyboard, any toys (tfs toy or not!), the gift wrapping... you name it, and what is more they are weather proof, so you could even use it outside!

It also has bigger sizes:

6 of them 0.3 inch

5 of them 0.4 inch

6 of them 0.75 inch

1 of them 2.75 inch

These stickers are perfect for your holiday gift! use them in your gift wrapping, or the toys for your loved ones, and you will enjoy the smile in their face!!!

Just be creative where to use the stickers, fans love this sticker, I have also exact same design for the Decepticons, , make sure you check my for lots of cools stuff of TFS!

Rare and Hard to find

measures about 5.5''x4'', including 30 Autobot symbols, and two rectangular ones

  • The sheet measures about 5.5''x4''
  • Autobot logo
  • Total of 30 stickers
  • different size to apply to different surfaces
  • 100% new, never used
  • color red
  • Rare and Hard to find

check , you will find all possible Transformers G1 stickers, decals, wallet, belt, DVDs, Movies, Posters, watches, you name it...

For those who need in a hurry, overnight is available for a very low fee! Yes, each additional overnight is only 1c to the lower 48 states. $16.99 overnight is lower than sending a letter, so buy today and get it tomorrow (except holidy and weekend).

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order now and it will be ready for the holiday

Please feel free to ask questions if any!




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