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We have created this computer-based CD we call C.A.T. Certifying Automotive Technicians. C.A.T. is a powerful tool for those that want an edge when you take your ASE tests. This can be used on your laptop or desktop computer and requires no installation. We have designed this to work on any O.S. It opens up just like surfing the web. Only no internet access required. Can use C.A.T. over and over again.

This Auction Is For The A Series. Car/Light Trucks A1/A2/A3/A4/A5/A6/A7/A8
This CAT 4.0 was created especially for computer-based testing in mind. We have it laid out just like the ASE test. When you use our ASE study program, you will know immediately if your answer is right or wrong with the click of your mouse.
This is an amazingly innovative test-based study program for taking the ASE test. You will have hundreds of questions, answers, explanations and hints. In each category, you have your choice of how many you wish to take at this session from one question to taking them all. It's YOUR choice.
C.A.T. is the most current and complete ASE software product available anywhere. C.A.T. matches the latest ASE specifications for tests A1 through A8, T1 through T8, S1 through S7 and B2 through B6. All test have been updated to reflect the latest task list.
C.A.T. challenge can also be used as a computerized test bank, allowing teachers, trainers or individual users to randomly select test questions from all available, to designate specific task areas, or to select individual questions, and to print these as a test. Not only is the C.A.T. Challenge 4.0 the ultimate in test preparation, it's also an excellent learning tool.

Whatever automotive area you work in we have you covered. A Series/B Series/S Series/or T Series.
Dave from Ohio says...
"Hi guys I just wanted to let you know, I bought your A1 to A8 cd rom for my son. He took 5 test and he aced them all. I think we have your cd to thank."
Dave C.
Cleveland Ohio

Dean in Florida writes...
"I was worried, I am not very good with a computer, I purchased your CD and was very pleased to discover how easy and comfortable it is to work with, even for non-technical persons such as myself."

Dean S.
Green Cove Springs FL

Daniel in Pennsylvania says...
"After ordering your cd guide, I felt as if I already had the test. Your method of giving answers and why those answers were correct or incorrect are wonderful!!! This gave me even more confidence in taking my test. I will surely purchase more of your guides in the near future."

Daniel G.
Waynesboro PA

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