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This is new beekeeping bee keeping observation hive.
Made out of pine. The corners are glued with outdoor glue screwed
and nailed for extra strength."Take your bees to show" This hive is
a very good item to have on your table at the farmers market or
just for show and tell, it will draw a crowd! and help sell all
that honey.Or you can do your beekeeping presentations. There is
nothing is better than a good visual aid and this is a good one to
have. Very classy looking hive.comes with full instructions. Ready
to use right out of the box. Do not put your hive in direct
To use your observation bee hive go to your hive and
remove a deep frame from the hive. This observation hive is for
showing off your bees for up to 2 days. Simply put the frame back
in your hive when done. The observation beehive comes with
instructions. Has screws to keep the door closed
The viewing area is Plexiglass and it has vents to
keep things cool. Easy to use.
just suppy the frame and bees
hardware may change
The observation hive holds one deep Langstroth
The dimensions inside of the hive are