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Cloud Pen Vaporizer Kit + Credit Card Grinder ( Joker )
The CLOUD ESSENTIAL OIL VAPORIZER PEN is an innovative portable personal vaporizer, that allows you to enjoy your concentrated wax/oils anywhere, anytime. This Vaporizer pen provides you a healthier alternative to the usual traditional way of inhaling vapors, since there is no burning, no fumes, no carcinogens and no flame. Made by the leading manufacturer in vaporizer units - Cloud Vapez Inc. in California - they made it possible to fulfill your needs with the best vaporizing experience.

The Cloud Essential Oil Vaporizer Pen kit includes the following for the optimum performance in a portable vaporization device:

1pc. Filling Bottle
1pc. Mouthpiece
1pc. Wall Adapter
1pc. Wired USB Charger
User Manual

Credit Card Grinder Features

Height: 2.3 inches ( 5.8 cm).
Width: 1.8 inches (4.5 cm).
Weight: 0.29 oz (8.4 g).
Material: Aluminum