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item Description: Using the UV lamp, drying quickly applied UV TOP Coat of a surface. In addition, the most commonly used in the rapid drying gel nails.
1. Plug in the power socket, the O / I switch is open to the I position.
2. The hand or foot into the body, press the square button on the rear body. Machine operation experience began lighting
3. Bake according to time to time, UV light will automatically turn off.

Power: 36W
Voltage: 220-240V 50HZ 100-110V 60HZ
9 W lamp using 4, please use the regular replacement to maintain effectiveness. Peak wavelength = 370nm.
(This wavelength is visible light, harmless to the eyes, but recommended not to look a long tube)
Other Description:
1. Every 6 months, please replace the lamp on a regular basis.
2. Note Do not look into the eyes of UV lamps.
3. Please follow the production of manuals or UV light gel instructions to use. Do not use shortening or time to maintain the best results.

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