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New 7-LINER *Best Slim* Calf Leg Electronic Massager Seven-Liner
[ Brand New in Original Packaging ]

Condition : 100% Brand New
Brand : Wel-Bu Tech. Seven-Liner
Model : Best Slim
Qty : 1

About Wel-Bu Tech
The most popular and attractive products of Wel-Bu Tech is Seven-Liner products.
The Seven-Liner, which posted an astonishing sales record of selling more than 300,000 units through
home shopping mode, is well known to the extent that most Korean people heard its name.

For more information, please refer to the brand website, Wel-Bu Tech.

Seven-Liner makes women's leg relieve fatigue of the leg by rubbing and massaging the calf as well as
makes the beauty of leg line by relaxing strained muscle.

* 3 functions : Rubbing, Massage, Auto
* You can use the product sitting in a chair in your living room and in your room, and use it lying down.

Dimension : 510*315*460(W*D*H,mm)
Voltage: AC 220v Only, 60Hz
Weight: 6.7kg
Materials: ABS, MPP, etc.
Rated electric power : 20W

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Calf Leg Foot Electronic Massager Seven-Liner