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New 4 in 1 Shock + Vibrate Remote Dog Training Collar
New 4 in 1 Shock + Vibrate Remote Dog Training Collar
New 4 in 1 Shock + Vibrate Remote Dog Training Collar New 4 in 1 Shock + Vibrate Remote Dog Training Collar

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(Generation 6)

    Micro Static Shock + Vibration + Whistle + LED Light

The Generation 6 remote dog training collar is the simplest, effective and humane training aids for all pet lover . It supports around 250 meters controlling distance. Together with your vocal training commands, this dog training collar assists you by transmitting a combination of vibration, static impulses , whistle and LED light to your dog. Corrective commands can be given immediately even your dog is away in a far distance. The benefits of working with a remote dog training collar is the trainer can immediately correct a dog's mistakes at a distance far greater than leash training allows. With proper training, a dog will learn to associate this signal with a command. This model features adjustable stimulation levels so you can tailor the stimulation level to your dog’s temperament, eliminating the risk of over- correction.This is a completely safe to control your dog’s nuisance barking and correct bad behaviors .



  • Brand new

  • The collar is combination of micro static shock impulse, vibration, whistle sound and LED Light

  • Safe, humane ,robust and highly efficient electronic product for pet education

  • There are 2 sets of selectable different-length metal screw rod (12.8mm + 17.8mm) which can ensure good conductivity of the static impulses which can penetrate the different pet hair thickness . It is unnecessary to let the discharging point touch the skin of the pet. therefore it is safe to the pet.

  • With different level for whistle sound for encourage /reward

  • With 3 Level of intelligent warning signal

  • 1st level - vibration alert

  • 2nd level- low frequency static impulse

  • 3rd level - high frequency static impulse

Your training command will become more effective, intelligent and humane by assist with of this collar! When you found your dog has no reaction to your low level short alert signal, your just need to keep press on the button continuously . With an intelligent program inside, the collar will auto turn the warning signal to stronger one gradually . It always keep your dog in safety and will stop automatically after 3sec 3rd level alert.

  • Hand held easy to use remote control works up to 250 meters away

  • Collar length adjustable from 20 to 50 cm for difference size of dog ( trainer can fit other collars with a width of 2 cm (0.75 inch))

  • With LED Light on the remote which allow your dog to find you in the dark.

  • Allow you to take control of your dog's behavior problem or training your dog in smart way.

  • Build communication between you and your dog.

  • Battery (not included) : Collar- 2 X AAA , Remote-1 X 9V

  • Waterproof


How this Training Dog Collar works:

The Remote Trainer has 2 components; a collar device (receiver) and a hand- held remote control unit. It uses vibration or micro static shock to modify your dog's behavior and a whistle tone reward for positive reinforcement. You can use this product to deter them from such behaviors as digging, getting into the trash, chasing cars, stealing food from the counter, running away from you, etc.
You Pet can hears it, feels it, The remote control which allows you to train your pet through reward - not just punishment. You can releases a tone to encourage your pet to repeat the desired behavior. Initially the tone means nothing to your pet, but after it is repeated pairing the tone with a reward or treat, the pet is "conditioned" to find the tone rewarding. The tone can be used to mark desired behaviors at a distance while the dog is engaged in the behavior. To disrupt an unwanted behavior, You can press vibration/ static pulse button on the remote, which releases in the direction of the collar worn by your pet.

Package Included:

  • Multi-function training collar device

  • Remote control unit

  • 2 sets of selectable different-length metal screw rod

  • Adjustable. Snap on - snap off collar with D ring for lead attachment

  • Collar testing unit (Clips to collar and lights up to tell you the shock action is operating)

  • Operating instructions

Important Notes :
1) This device should be serve as an education assistant only but
not punishment. User should suggest to communicate with his pet after every time issue a warning signal or encourage by whistle if he do right. A trusty relationship can be built between you and your dog through communication. This is very useful for your pet to understand the relationship between his behavior and the collar signal.

2) As Australia's policy prohibits the importation of collar with SHOCK function, it is NOT recommended for buyers to purchase this item to Australia district. Buyers in Australia district should choose our another dog training tool without shock function (REMOTE DOG TRAINING COLLAR GENERATION 3) for their dog training aid. For details, please visit our shop or contact us.






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