Item Description
Originating from a 1967 'Armchair Theatre' production which
starred John Bluthal and Frank Finlay as a pair of tailors, one
Jewish -the other Irish, 'Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width'
was once held up by the World Council of Churches as an example of
inter-religious unity. Set in a back street workroom in London's
famous Whitechapel area, the series (with Joe Lynch replacing Frank
Finlay for the series) told of trousermaker Patrick Michael Kelly
and jacketmaker Emmanuel (Manny) Cohen, who joined forces and
became the suitmaking company of Cohen and Kelly. However, their
relationship was a rocky one and often required the interventions
of Father Ryan (Eamon Kelly) and Rabbi Levy (Cyril Shaps) as the
central characters tried to come to terms with each-others
philosophies and beliefs.
all 7 episodes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comes on plain dvd in plastic wallet-Has never been released