Item Description
Netease Dianka 600 World of Warcraft Please read carefully
before the recharge of this description, the official e-cards, no
wrong card. Primarily for the convenience of friends. I am also a
WOW people who are interested can contact me to ask specific area
service, welcome to my service to visit all the WOW! The card
network card official card NetEase close battle, please rest
assured to buy 600 points the game time 4000 minutes recharge
frequently asked questions:
recharge the card when prompted to close has been used?
recharge system delay or cause you to double-click the top-button,
do not worry you can see into the game time has been washed
recharge button click without any reaction?
Please use IE browser, you replace the top-
invalid card password prompt?
recharge system is down for maintenance at this time, please wait a
bit longer to recharge operation, the general waiting for a 15 to
30 minutes to recharge, this is the official World of Warcraft,
maintenance, nothing to do with the card! How can I give "World of
Warcraft" account to recharge? A: You can complete the following
steps on the "World of Warcraft" account recharge: 1, login into
the network line card; Need to remind you that the recharge of the
"World of Warcraft" point card is for a single "World of Warcraft"
account, not the network line card for the entire war, if you want
more than "World of Warcraft" account recharge, you need to
recharge, respectively, into corresponding account. Q: point card
recharge into the "World of Warcraft" account, you can transfer it?
A: point card recharge into the success of "World of Warcraft"
account, you can not be transferred. And the recharge of the "World
of Warcraft" point card is for a single "World of Warcraft"
account, not a war for the entire network line card, please pay
attention when you choose the correct recharge "World of Warcraft"
account. Q: Why does the game login screen and the battle network
show "World of Warcraft" inconsistent with the remaining game time?
A: This may be due to system delays cause, you can try to view
later. In addition, only when you completely quit the game the game
will display the correct remaining time, if you simply return the
role selection screen, you will see the remaining game time and no
change in this log, you can completely exit the game log in again