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"The term 'avant-garde' is like kryptonite for some, and while Franco Brocani's NECROPOLIS may test the patience of that ilk, the film has a tongue-In-cheekiness that keeps it out of self-serious, chin-stroking territory. Like an arty Halloween party, a bunch of baroquely rendered characters parade across the screen: a heroic and naked Attila the Hun on a white horse, Frankenstein's monster contemplating the universe in his head, and Elizabeth Bathory (played by Warhol superstar Viva) stuck in a frustrating marriage to a French poet. Brocani manages to be philosophically earnest while also poking a bit of fun at the genre and aesthetic he employs."

Nicoletta Machiavelli
Tina Aumont
Pierre Clémenti
Paul Jabara
Carmelo Bene
Bruno Corazzari
Louis Waldon

Gavin Bryars

in italian & english with no subtitles

PAL region free - picture: 7/10

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