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【Product name 】 bian-Stone, Necklace, cure cervical spondylosis
【Material 】Si strand in China Stone Needle (Bian stone)
【Special properties】Containing more than 30 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human health and minerals, as well as more than 16 kinds of rare elements.
With 14.5-16.5 in the far infrared radiation, 3698 under the 20-2000/Hz ultrasound, the physical properties of nanocrystals class.
Special effects
Regulate microcirculation, the spirit of relaxation and improve motor function.

Regulation of local energy, relax muscles and relieve stress.
Stimulate blood flow to help remove blood from the effect of pain and fatigue factor.
Relieve bursitis, sciatica, headaches, arthritis and premenstrual syndrome symptoms.
And the combination of channels and shu points can be effective in promoting blood flow, improve microcirculation and inhibit cancer cell growth and the elimination of excess body fat.
For people
Suitable for prolonged use of computers, mobile phones or other devices to electromagnetic radiation type;
Faster pace of work, nervous tension to long-term;
Poor circulation; waist, shoulders and neck are easy to stiff or pain;
Mental pressure to keep up the spirit of relaxation to restore a person;
Constant insomnia, listlessness, who need to improve physical energy;
Immunocompromised, those who need to improve the physique;
Corresponding disease, adjuvant therapy to be done to people.
Non-magnetic products with other health care products, used in conjunction with other medical devices.
Safety without side effects, long-term use, perpetual.
Stone material more brittle, use and placement process with a hard object should not touch, scratch, so as to avoid damage.
【Si-Bin Bian-stone】作用
Si-Bin Bian-stonemedical applications: a massage effect. That ultrasound can produce the body's cells a certain pressure, so that cells have tiny movement, thereby changing the state of the sick cell, to achieve the purpose of treatment; 2, heat effect. Ultrasonic energy that is absorbed by the body, the skin's blood circulation, fever in response to the organization, the heat has analgesic, relieve muscle spasm, improving microcirculation of the role of the state, etc.; three biological effects. That ultrasound can affect the human body changes in some chemical or biological process, to change the activity of the enzyme, thus changing the environment and the human body's metabolic state of the disease the better conversion. Fourth, the role of nervous system. Nervous system with the characteristics of the ultrasound-sensitive, small doses of ultrasound on nerve inhibition can nerve conduction velocity, which has a significant analgesic effect. Five other roles. Ultrasound can increase gastrointestinal motility, gastrointestinal secretion; coronary heart can expand and improve myocardial blood supply; make the kidney blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow to the kidney.
【Bian stone therapy Stone Needle】【扁石砭石疗法】
BE China the most ancient medical treatment health care technique, much is jade quality or stone material because of its tool, past again be called a Bian stone.Be called Bian Shu by the skill of Bian cure.It is the founder of the treatment method out of the tradition Chinese medicine, is we currently return at application of needle, burn, pare off Sha, very hot method, pick to stab, pull out a bottle(Cape Shu) etc. outside cure skill of precursor.Its hair carry in be apart from now for 250 ten thousand yearses of aforetime machine ages, widely accepted at the company Yan period.The Bian stone therapy cure historical records to carry it is thus clear that at the Chinese medicine huge Zhao 《Emperor Huang inside through 》Ma3 Qian with department 《historical records 》"flat magpies • camalig Mr. biographies" etc., it may be said the history be long ago and spread to accept civilization.
【Material effect 】【重大影响】
This article get material from great physician flat gold and jade-Si of thou Si in Shandong strand Bian adopt by magpies that year a stone.According to related organization examination in the nation, the Si strand Bian stone have the following characteristics:
1.Imply 30 varieties beneficial to human body of little chemical element and mineral quality, and more than 16 and rare chemical element.Have 14.5-16.5 of far and red outside the 20-2000/Hz super voice, type of the radiation, 3698 times Na rice microlite etc. physics characteristic, reside every variety the head of the precious stone be what water buffalo Cape and other jade can`t compare to.
2.Have the effect of medical treatment health care, the Bian stone tools and implements and veins and arteries and Yu cave combine together, can availably promote blood speed, the improvement be tiny circulation and repress cancer cell growth and cancellation the surplus fat in the body deposition.Research certificate be Bian contact human body epidermis, can clearly see small in tinily the circulation the monitor blood vessel and the hair be thin blood vessel medium quilt improvement but acceleration of blood flow appearance.
3.Gather a cold light far red outside, Na rice the microlite whet noodles, super voice hairdressing, rich oxygen ion the therapy belong to the Chinese medicine whole hairdressing method at the whole body.Long-term usage every variety Bian stone the product carry on health care can adjust veins and arteries spirit blood, moderate internal organs, attain a purpose of strengthen figure the Jian body.
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