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Here is 34 Boxing Career Fights of The Prince Naseem Hamed on 12
Explosive DVD's that come in paper sleeves. This Awesome set of
Fights comes with Motion menus, Music, Chaptered rounds, and the
best quality available. Plus all fights are presented in
chronological order. Own this amazing set today for a very low
price. The complete list of Footage is below. I dont offer refunds
but i will gladly replace any defective disc. All Orders are
processed within 72 hours and then shipped USPS First class, or
Priority mail depending on the size of the order. All Orders will
have a tracking number available upon request. Please allow a total
of 7-10 days for items to reach you. thanks for the interest and
let me know if you have any questions.
Disc 1
Hamed vs Beard
Hamed vs Norman
Hamed vs Bloomer
Hamed vs Mathews
Hamed vs Gargano
Hamed vs Ley
Hamed vs Jenkins
Hamed vs Clarkson
Hamed vs Meceli
Hamed vs Belcastro
Disc 2
Hamed vs Picardi
Hamed vs Cruz
Hamed vs Ramirez
Hamed vs Liendo
Hamed vs Angeles
Hamed vs Perez
Disc 3
Hamed vs Robinson
Hamed vs Lawal
Hamed vs Alecia
Hamed vs Medina
Disc 4
Hamed vs Molina
Hamed vs Johnson
Hamed vs Hardy
Hamed vs Cabrera
Disc 5
Hamed vs Badillo
Hamed vs Kelley
Disc 6
Hamed vs Vasquez
Hamed vs McCullough
Disc 7
Hamed vs Ingle
Hamed vs Soto
Disc 8
Hamed vs Bungu
Hamed vs Sanchez
Disc 9
Hamed vs Barrera
Hamed vs Calvo
Disc 10 The Little Prince (Documentary)

Disc 11
Highlights (up to and including Kelly fight)