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2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Gatorade Duels at DAYTONA   Kurt Busch follows up his Bud Shootout wi with a win in the first Duel race,  Jeff Burton leads the Charge as the field is set for the Daytona 500 DVD Comes in Full color case as shown!    What past buyers have said:   Driver88, Just wanted to let you know that the DVDs came in today's mail. To say that I'm enormously impressed would be a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT . I've been an active buyer on ***** since 1999, and have purchased many other similar type products from other sellers in the past. I can HONESTLY say that your DVDs FAR SURPASS any others available from other auction sellers in EVERY POSSIBLE way!! The incredible picture quality, beautiful custom-done, high quality packaging with photos, logos and other information relevant to each particular DVD's content, and your FANTASTIC custom-done chapter menus are TRULY WONDERFUL !!!! The amount of time and effort you  CLEARLY put in to create each of your DVDs is MORE than obvious to ANYONE who buys from you, and I would not hesitate to HIGHLY RECOMMEND your products to ANY POTENTIAL Race DVD BUYER as not only the BEST product of this type they will find ANYWHERE, but one that's also TRULY AN INCREDIBLE BARGAIN AND PHENOMENAL VALUE AS WELL!!!! Again thank you soooo much!! Mara Z. from GA     Driver88, As a young Dale Junior fan (I am 13 years old)  I have always wanted to see his amazing Daytona 500 win in 2004.  I wondered if I would ever get that chance.  Then for my birthday my mom gave me a surprise.  A new copy of your DVD of that race.  I LOVE IT!!  I cried my eyes out watching him in victory lane believing how he probably wished his father was there.  I know how he must have felt since my daddy is gone 3 years now ................................................................I just want to thank you for "keeping NASCAR history alive"   Joseph a Martin   Cincinnati Ohio     CK What more can I say, once again you outdid yourself.   The menus, chapter buttons and all the other detail work you put into your stuff is unreal.   I really love the cover featuring Jimmie and the Nextel Cup and Biffle celebrating the race win.   (2006 Ford 400).   I look forward to more from you next season. James and Leslie from CT